Ella-Mai: Waiting

It took hours to get out of the house because mum insisted I took everything I owned with me. But it didn't matter because I just dumped the stuff I didn't need in the garage.

I was walking as if as I was listning to a really fast song. I just wanted to get to the bus stop and get dry in front of a fire in the manner. I hate rain, and I hate thunder. When the two are mixed on a Saturday night... it's not cool.

Once the bus stop on the far side of town came into view, I realsied that I was either way too late(which didn't make sense seeing as it was only 7:15) or the only one going. But I soon saw a hunched up figure. It was a girl, I could easily see that, I sped up my pace to meet the stranger. Was she going to Cursewood Manner like myself, or just catching the late bus?

When she heared my steps, her head whipped up. A look of releife crossed her face and she smiled at me. I smiled back with a little shy one of my own.

'Are you taking the job thing at Cursewood Manner, too?' She asked carefuly.

'Uh-huh.'I grunted. I was being rude, but I was so shy that I didn't know what else to say.

'I'm Shayla Greenwood.'She told me.

'I'm... uh... Ella-Mai Feilding.'I replied.

'Ella-Mai? Thats a unusual name.' She frowned.

'Well, my dad wanted me to be called Ella and my mother wanted it to be Mai, so they mixed it up and came up with that.'I mumbled.


'D'you know if anyone else if comin' to the the house with us?'I muttered.

'No idea! Are any of your friends going?'

'Nah. They said it was scary, cause they always cobble up stories about Cursewood Manner being haunted n' stuff. But their storys are stupid.'

'Never heared of Cursewood being haunted. Add's a quirky twist to this evening, right?'

'Sure, whatever.'

She frowned at me and gave up on the concept that she could hold a conorsation with me.

If everyone else was this damn perky on a rainy day, I'll be in for a long night.

The End

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