Ella-Mai: The Add on the Shop Door

It was just by chance that I had jumped into the shop entrance because it was raining. If I hadn't done that, I would have never been excited about the add on the shop door.

It had been raining for five minutes, so I took the time to snap a photo of the advert on the window. I was kind of anticipating my parent's reply. I mean, would they really say no? They are always going on at me to 'get a job' and 'spend your free time somewhere other than your room'. I never thought I'd find something that caught my eye!! I didn't give a damn that I wouldn't get paid. I just wanted to do something exciting.

Of course, I 'd want to do the decorating bit. Not that manual labor. That's SO not my style!!!!

Finally, the rain had let up and the sun winked through the clouds. I peeked at the sky just to check if the grey clouds were still there-- they weren't.

I jogged back, grinning to myself as I covered ground quickly.



'Whaaaaat? Why not?' I cried.

'Because for all you know, it could be some creepy stalker man who intends to rape you!!' Mum snapped.

'But, then why would they put a add on the shop door?'

'Never mind. I said no, and thats final!!'She hissed through clenched teeth.

'Daaaaaaad! Wont you say SOMETHING?!'I wailed.

'Uh... hm... Dear, we HAVE been telling her to get a job... and y'know....'He muttered.

Mum glared at him, and he flinched. He found mum really scary when she was mad.

'Do you really want to go?' She huffed.

'YEAHYEAHYEAH!!!'I whooped.

'Let me call the number, read it out to me.'She sighed. I punched the air in happiness.

I read the number out to her. She was on the phone for a good ten minutes before she seemed satisfied with it.

'Am I going? Really? Really truely?!' I grinned.

'YES! Now bugger off before I change my mind, Ella-Mai!' She grumbled. And I knew I'd have to go if she called me by my full first name.

I took the stairs two at a time I was so happy. I jumped onto my bed, wondering if I'd meet new people there, or if people I already knew would go.

I didn't know the mess of a night it was gonna be...

The End

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