Really the End?Mature

"So, do you want to stay here? We've lost a few Gods?" Artemis seemed to hover over.

"What do you think Lillith?"

Lillith bit at her lip. "Charlotte is right - we can't stay - we're just vampires, not Gods, and we'll burn in the sunlight - it can't be night forever."

"Well I can fix that." Artemis came over to me and I suddenly felt the blood course through my veins, the ache of hunger completely gone from my muscles. "You're just a mortal now but if Hades would be so kind - where's his life cord?"

In front of me Hades grabbed a thick cord about the length of his arm. It was blackened and started to change into a common or garden twine. "Indeed - all I need do is dip it into this chalice of liquefied gold and you'll be a God."

"Paethos. You smell so good." Lillith was creeping up to me - I couldn't smell her - I couldn't see her lightning speed motions. I really was mortal.

"Only if Lillith can as well."

"I don't want to be a God. I want to carry on as I am."

"Then I decline Artemis, but your offer is tempting. If I am surviving when Lillith does not I will gratefully accept."

"Of course." Hades Took the twine and ran it over a flame blackening it again. Suddenly the burn grew in my muscles, my own blood halting, drying into my muscles to feed them.

Artemis clapped and the world changed. We were back.


"Thank you Paethos, but you do realize, if they didn't change you back I'd have tried. Or I might have drunk you away..."

She hugged me tightly and pushed her lips at mine. I was still getting used to my vampiric body... again.

"I don't think the Gods will be that easy to go against."

"No, I don't think so either, but for now it doesn't matter." She kissed me again, this time my senses were returning to their full state and I could breathe in her beautiful scent, I could feel how soft her skin was, the luminosity of her eyes.

I don't think the Gods are finished with us yet though. 

The End

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