Death of the QueenMature


I smiled as Charlotte finish off her enemy brimming with excitement, out of the corner of my eye I noticed an opening in the enemies defenses. Ares, the king, was open and all I had to do was make my move. Unfortunately, one other vampire on their side had to move before I could. He grinned and snarled at me stepping forward and lining up for an attack. 

"I'm gonna rip out your throat and drain you!" She hissed flashing her fangs. I growled back and widened my stance. 

"You forget that I am the first of our kid, try and kill me!" I jumped and tackled her to the ground. She howled and slashed her long tails across my face, drawing blood. I jumped back and put my hands to my face, the wounds healed instantly, leaving no trace of the slashes. Springing back at her, I pinned her throat under my heal and flashed my fangs in her face. 

"Now I'm gonna kill you," The scent of fear filled the air and pumped adrenaline through her blood, just smelling the taste made my mouth water but I had to focus. Ares was the target. Kill him and the game was over, then we'd have our freedom; to love, to feed, to live. I leaned in towards the girls throat and heard her squeal and squirm, I laughed and struck. 

When her body was drained she cracked into stone pieces and turned to dust. Turning my eyes to Ares, he shrunk back a bit. I took a step forward, only four remained on their side now. 

"Your mine Ares, that's check!" I growled at him. Aphrodite laughed and moved in front of him. 

"No Alcatraz, I believe your now dead." She walked closer and closer to me, drawing a large thin blade. She swung, shouting that we had ruined her plans. How she and Ares were supposed to rule, that they were the most powerful gods. 

"We had everything! We even had our own little immortals to toy with but you ruined it!" She swung her blade again but this time I didn't move to dodge it, my palm caught the blade with a sickening thud. 

"It's over!" I pulled the blade from her grasp and ran it through her heart, she just stood there and stared. Blood began to pour down her black robe, creating a large crimson puddle around her feet. Suddenly she began screaming and grasped my throat tightly.

"DAMN YOU ALCATRAZ! DAMN YOU TO HA-" she never finished her sentence as her body became entombed in stone and shattered like glass. 

The End

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