Going in for the killMature

- Charlotte-

I held my shield close to my stomach.

“Charlotte, D4.” I grin to my self. I knew I was going to get somebody evil. Nope.

“Hestia, D4.” Shit, I was going to kill a virgin.

I moved forward. My breathing become few in number, and my pulse grow less steady. I ready my self for what was going to be a blood bath.

“Well, well, I get to kill the bitch.” Hestia said. I felt the eyes of my friends on my back.

“No, I killed her already, sweetie.” I throw back my head and laugh. “Now, let me kill you. I don’t got all day.” I drew my sword.

“No, lets do it the old fashion way. No weapons.” I laugh.

“Your choice. I’ll still win.” I dropped my sword, and dove at her feet. I bite her toe. She let out I cry, and than, I pushed her down. I pulled her hair tell it bled, and than kicked her face. She was not moving. She was out. God, now I can kill her.

I grabbed my sword, and drove into her chest, than I picked her body up, and bit into her neck.

“Jesus, that was freckien amazing.” I said. I laughed, than looked for the voice. “Soo..I’m I up again? ‘Cause I kinda like this.” I herd laughs.

The voice called somebody else, and I turned and I watched. God, this was fun.

The End

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