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I watched as the others moved about the board. I was just a pawn, so I had to bide my time a bit in moving. Suddenly one of the pieces (Vampires) on the other side moved wrong. He moved as if in attack but wasn't... it was punished quickly, a huge stone pillar crushed him and rose up again leaving his dust for bones and thick burgundy blood.

"Julia to G5." A young vampire, most probably no older than 14 when she was changed came into my attack zone, my immediate diagonal. I watched as it was our turn to move. Please! If I attack her either I could die... or worse, I'll still die! If I could come into attack with the playing Rook, Demeter. that is - if it's a trap.

"Paethos to G5." Shit! Shit, shit, shit, shit! Julia drew her sword, prepared to kill me where I stood. No way was this happening.

"Prepare to die fellow immortal."

"And why would I do that?" I moved behind her at lightning speed and held her in a submission hold, her neck so easily snapped under my strength.

"Because you will die!"

"I see." I twisted at her neck playfully. "So there's no chance of me killing you?"

"NOOO!" I sunk my fangs into her neck, holding her hands tight behind her back. Hmm, vampires taste like concentrate of human, with a special something, something bitter yet so gorgeous I had to be filled of it, I think a human would compare it to lemon or coffee. She dropped from me, completely drained and fell shattering on the floor, sandstone upon the marble.

I'd never killed a vampire before that way. I'd killed a fledgling like her once before yes, but that was because vampires shouldn't be made by other vampires. I#d created that walking time-bomb and didn't see fit to keep it. But it was only a few years into this long life of mine, and being lonely I'd done that. Realizing my folly I'd thrown her into the sunlight. It was the duty of the maker vampire to be rid of his creations before his creations took his place. Like Lillith... I'm glad she killed her maker actually.

"Hey Alcatraz! Vampires taste good too!"

"Good - I'll keep that in mind. By the way - try to kill a God normally - this blood is quite filling. I'd only be able to drain one more like this. the rest I have to fight normally."

"I'd say vampires are less nourishing though. Like you could have five humans, i think you'd be able to finish off ten vampires."

"Hush Pieces!" Our voice set a cloak of silence on the board.

"Demeter to G5!" I knew it! It was a trap and now I'd have to fight again so soon! Fuck!

"Young immortal, I saw you dispatch our pawn. Well done." She moved closer, still our of my reach.

"I wish I could say the same for your methods."

"I haven't done anything yet on the board."

"Exactly." I sprang at her, knocking her off the pedestal of fruits on which she stood.

"You'll pay for destroying my world vampire!" She struck at me with her torch, burning the edges of my robe until the whole left side was aflame.

I span the flames into submission, "And what did I do?"

"Killed farmers, those that worked my lands, tended my animals. PAY! You immoral scum!" She thrashed again with her torch, but I threw my hand into the flame and extinguished it. My hand covered in thick burns and blistering I took her in the same position as Julia. Her blood was as if chocolate were liquefied and a perfectly viable alternative for blood. It filled my mouth with happiness. It was ecstasy.

Demeter turned into stone in my arms, I pulled my fangs from her now hard flesh. and pushed the statue to the floor. She disintegrated and a strong wind swept her away. I looked about the board and saw I was in temporary safety. In a few moves another vampire might attack me but for now I was quite safe. But for now i was happy to have played for hours against myself in the library, truly mastering chess. I played against vampires long dead and won. I wish some hadn't but then again, we all die. Just not today.

Today I will not die.

The End

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