Blood of a GodMature


It was a battle of the gods, every sense of my body filled with scents, sights, sounds. The white cloaked gods on our side, the black cloaked gods on the other. It was chess on a massive scale. Acting as the king and queen for the enemy was Ares and Aphrodite, both of their sneering faces glowering at all of us.

Looking over to Charlotte, I watched as she stabbed Hera. The god screamed and howled, her form suddenly becoming stone and fragmenting into tiny pieces. I jumped a bit...this was a game for keeps, you died on the board...then it was the end of the line. 

A few of the others, on both sides moved around. The shattered stone remains of both friend and foe, scattered the marble board that had become out playing field. Now it was my turn to move, I shifted two steps forwards, following the white and black tile pieces. 

Hepheastus grinned and moved forward, his large axe sung and I jumped. The whistling of the blade reached my ears as I began falling back to the ground. The blade glinted again and I shifted, locking my hands on his shoulder. The large red haired god fell back to the ground, crushing my leg underneath his weight. I howled in pain as the man chuckled, a noise that sounded like thunder. 

"Your mine, bloodsucker!" he shouted grasping a meaty palm around my throat. He smiled and stared at me, but a frown crossed his face when I smile back. 

"I've never drank from a god before." I smirked and latched my fangs into his arm. The sweet taste that splashed past my gums and down my throat was like the most perfect chocolate. It was silky and smooth, warm and thick, it was perfect blood. As the god thrashed a flailed, I hung on draining and draining until his body went slack and he dropped me. I stood their, content as a fat leech suckled on blood. 

"Damn!" I laughed licking the remnants of the blood off my lips. "You guys...that was heaven. I'd never be satisfied with human blood after that...." I whistled and grinned. The crimson droplets of blood running off my fangs and onto my tongue. 

The End

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