Foiled PlansMature


Her hand was tightly clasped around mine, as if clinging to me would hold me to the world. She pleaded with me to forgive her, apologizing over and over. I shut my eyes for a moment and sighed. 

“I’m sorry, really. I almost killed you! I’m sorry, really I am! Please forgive me!” She begged me. 

"I do." I said tiredly, "Though it was more my fault that I almost died. The wounds you gave me, those were nothing and would have never killed me. But it was what you said...that was the real weapon you hurt me with. You said that you hated me," I glanced away, not meeting her eyes. "I never knew you had feelings for me until a few days ago...but I wasn't sure how I felt about you, at least not until you told me you hated me. I felt my heart shatter in my chest...I had lost you, the single thing that kept me tied to this Immortal existence. Everything else in my life was just pain, hatred, and suffering." 

She watched me, her eyes wide, I guess she had never truly looked at this whole thing from my perspective. Taking another deep breath, I squeezed her hand and gave her a weak smile. A small whine passed my lips when I sat up, only small black bruises remained. 

"Hey...mind going down to the kitchen, grab the black bottle in the pantry." She seemed reluctant to leave but eventually did, closing the door behind her. My eyes flicked to the ceiling. 

"You fucking brat!" A thick hand clamped around my throat and lifted me into the air. I gasped and looked down to see Ares glowering at me. His eyes were alight with fire, his body clad in royal war armor. His large battle ax glinted from the sling on his back as he clamped his fingers tighter. "Everything was going great...I had Paethos, Lillith, and you...all under my control and then Charlotte comes in and not only fucks you up but the others as well. You were supposed to be bloodsuckers without a conscience, no feelings no care, maybe even fucking a few women before you drained them. You were never to fall in love with each other, never to disobey us! I WILL NOT TOLERATE THAT!"

He tossed me across the room, slamming me into the wall. I yelled in pain and crumpled to the floor, Ares's boot steps coming closer and closer. I snarled and stood bearing my fangs. 

"Do not test me Ares, I have almost died moments ago but I am back. I am the oldest of my kind and if I must, I will dine on the blood of a god tonight. Ares gritted his teeth and drew his axe. 

"Your disgusting fangs will not near my flesh creature of Nyx." I widened my stance and tensed my muscles. The large bladed weapon swung and I jumped, crouching on the blade I smiled. 

"Come now Ares, for being the god of war your quite slow." Ares shifted his grip on the weapon and tried to cleave me in to. I leap back and shifted behind him, a hand tapping his shoulder. Before I could flinch, the blade sliced a cut across my chest causing blood to spurt out and cover the floor. "Paethos is gonna be pissed," I muttered, feeling my skin stitch itself back together. Ares charged at he and I vaulted over him, just missing his swinging blade my millimeters. Grinning I opened my mouth and readied my fangs to strike. 

"Not tonight bloodsucker!" A hissed voice screeched. This time, the back of my neck was clasped by a female...Aphrodite. Twisting in her grasp, I landed a kick to her stomach making her stagger back. 

"We're not done with you! I promise we'll be back and our brothers and sisters will take pity on us, you will be punished!" With an explosion of light, the two gods vanished.

That's not good. 

The End

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