I lad my head onto my knees. Lilith had gone in to talk to Paethos long ago. Tears ran down my face, I stood up, and picked up a vase. I hurled it at the stone wall and watched it smash to pieces. Broken, like Alcatraz.

I smashed two vases so far today. I was propply going to have to pay for those. I didn’t care. Really I didn’t.

“Charlotte, get your ASS in here!” yelled Paethos. I picked up another vase and smashed. Damn, I was on fire. “Now!”

I dropped the vase I was about to smash. I walked over to Paethos’s door and opened it.

“What? I know he’s dead, and I know you two where snogging, so just leave my alone!” I yelled in there faces.

“He was just awake.” said Lilith.

“You lairs! He’s dead, and we all know it! So just shut your month, and leave me alone!” I yelled.

“No, Charlotte, there not lairs.” said a small voice. I turned my head slightly, and saw Alcatraz looking at me. I felt my pulse heat up, I rushed over and graded his hand.

“Don’t do that to me again!” I said. “Please, I’m sorry. I did things I never do.”

“I know.”

“I’m sorry, really. I almost killed you! I’m sorry, really I am! Please forgive me!” I begged.

“I do.”

The End

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