Sharing of BloodMature

"Look - Alcatraz, I know it wasn't the right time. It sort of happened." I knew he could hear me. All vampires automatically processed sound when they slept. There was a different feeling about me, like blood just didn't cut it anymore, it was like a powerful tranquilizer.

"Come now Paethos. His body will heal after a while, we can't do anything."

"We didn't do anything in the first place."

"I know." She reached on tiptoes and planted a small kiss on my forehead. "Anyway, the night is going to end soon and I know you haven't eaten for a few days - although Gods knows why."

"I guess the thoughts in my head fed me."

"Well I think you need a bit of blood, some color to your cheeks can't do any harm." She placed another kiss on my forehead and took my hand in hers.

"I suppose not. Are you going to hunt alongside me?"

"As long as you don't repeat the other night with another whore."

"Don't talk like that. I can't see why I did in the first place." What did I just say? Did I say that? Bloody hell, I mean it!

"Good." She squeezed gently on my hand and lead me to the window. We jumped and landed on the flowerbed. It was odd, jumping with another by my side. Like it signified yet another change in my life. And so soon!

We walked down the streets, knowing how much time we had. Soon we espied a drunk, falling out of an alleyway.

"Want to share m'lady?"

"I thought you'd never ask." she let go of my hand and walked to the drunk. I felt a pang, not of hunger but of hurt - I knew this mere mortal couldn't hurt her yet I feared it. This love thing has a lot to answer for. She held him up and cranked his neck back.

"First bite my love?" I descended on the other side of the drunk and sunk my fangs deep into his neck, starting to fill on his alcohol infused, salted blood. I removed myself.

"Are you going to join in?"

"Of course, just thought you'd like to have the first taste." She dug her own teeth in, and the man winced loudly and vocally.

"Get off me you bloody creatures of the night. I know what you are!" He somehow pulled a crucifix from his pocket and held it to my skin. Of course nothing happened. "Be gone foul fiend!" And those were his last words as Lillith and I drained our inebriated victim. I did enjoy it when they thought this sort of thing would work. 

He lay on the floor and I took the crucifix from his fingers, I checked the hallmark. 22 carat gold and it weighed about, 12.3 grams. I knew of an all-night jewelry shop, because they said that it was for midnight eloper's but I knew it was for midnight burglars. It was worth roughly £300 as far as my knowledge of gold prices stretched. "My darling - what do you want for?"

Her eyes sparkled in the light. I wanted to give her everything, I wanted to give her anything. Anything and Everything, I wish I could. I could start, just by being a nice vampire. Well, nice to her anyway. She deserved it.

I reiterate - love in all it's forms has a lot to answer for!

The End

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