Beckoning GatesMature


It was weird, standing outside my body. A specter watching all the event unfolding around me as my body's breathing became faded and weak. It pained me to see Charlotte sitting over me, her emotions crashing together and her mascara running down her face in long black trails, mixing with her tears

“No, no, NO!!!!! NO! Alcatraz, no! Please, come back to me! No, please! I’m sorry! I’m so sorry! I made a mistake, you did what you had to! I over reacted, I’m so sorry. Please come back, I need you! I love you.” I she grabbed my hand. “Please?” I wanted to reach out to her, stroke the tears off her delicate skin and kiss her silky lips. Yet I was broken, the link between body and soul, a single strand. 

"Charlotte..." I my soul called, not audible to the others. Lillith escorted Charlotte from the room, closing the door behind her. Paethos stood over me fuming and screaming. That was Paethos. My soul smiled but my body didn't even twitch. 

"Wake up you selfish bastard! You're blind and you can't even die right!" He shook my body like an over sized doll, tossing me onto the bed again in frustration. Angrily, he paced back and forth returning to my limp body and tearing off my shirt. My soul winced at the heavy bruises and internal bleeding I had, while Paethos could see those. There were much deeper wounds he and the others would never see, wounds I had tried to drown for hundreds of years in blood. My body tried to mend itself, struggling as my soul gave up. Then Lillith walked in the room, striking up a conversation with Paethos. 

"Alcatraz," a voice called to my ghostly, intangible form. I turned slowly to see Persephone and Hades waiting by the open door. I looked back and cringed, Lillith and Paethos's lips were locked. Their faces displayed true happiness, the most elusive item of life I had pursued. And now those two were making out, not feet away from my dying body. 

Animals...immortals with no soul, mourn me not. I dare not return to spend eternity like this. Discarded like yesterdays meal. Farewell. My thoughts seemed to sizzle and hiss like a snake. I looked back to Persephone, she gave me a bittersweet smile and held out her hand. The house around me faded away, replaced by walls of rock and silver. Stalagmites and stalactites stretched around the expanse of the cavern, reminding me of the teeth of a shark. 

A large black dog, appeared from behind Hades and Persephone, it's three heads all staring me down. Large gates made of bones rested behind the three, opening just wide enough for one person to pass at a time. Persephone went first, vanishing as soon as she stepped through the door. 

"You should be dead young immortal, yet a part of you still clings to life." I nodded solemnly, Charlotte...Hades continued. "Since life still pulses through your veins, I cannot take you with me...but if you truly seek your death, I can cut that pesky string of your life. No more pain, no more suffering, just an afterlife and an end. I stared at him, it sounded so nice. No more listening to the others bicker and fight, no more Paethos brining home women to bed or now Lillith. And no more awful memories of my retched human past. 

"Well," Hades asked expectantly. Cerberus, the gates guard dog, walked over to me. Pressing the head in the middle right near my face. Drool, dripped from its maw, it's tongue lolling lazily out of it's mouth. I shut my eyes and made my decision, a far away voice pleading with me. 


"Alcatraz, no! Please, come back to me! No, please! I’m sorry!" Charlottes voice wrapped around my ears. I looked to the God of the underworld and shook my head. 

"I think...there might be something left to live for...after all." Hades nodded, a coy grin on his lips. 

"If you ever feel like changing your mind, the gates will always welcome you. Who knows maybe you could keep Persephone and me company, it gets lonely down here with no one but the dead to talk to." I nodded feeling the world around me begin to shatter like glass. A sudden, violent jerk sent me crashing back into my body. Soul an body reunited once more, my ears allowed me to hear and my eyes fluttered and blinked. 

"Get...a," My voice rasped like sandpaper at the two in the room. "I almost die and you two are about to get it on, next to me? You sick freaks." I gave a light smirk and shut my eyes again. It would take my body to heal the rest of my wounds, as for the ones no one would ever see...they were also on the road to recovery. "Where's Charlotte...she's..."I never finished the sentence, sleep wrapped it's fingers around me and took me off into blissful unconsciousness and dreams. 

The End

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