The Slow DeathMature

Alcatraz was laid out on my bed, Lillith was caring for Charlotte in the other room. Gods in hell! What was this coming to.

"Wake up you selfish bastard! You're blind and you can't even die right!" I shook at his almost corpse like body. He still drew breath through labored lungs. I stripped his shirt off, watching how his bruised ribs were trying desperately to mend, how the bruises were trying to heal.

I paced along the room, picking up the items Charlotte had managed to get across the room in her struggle.

There was a knock at the door.

"Charlotte - you're not coming in." The door creaked open.

"Good thing I'm not Charlotte, eh?"

"Marvelous." I rolled my eyes. "What do you want."

"I wanted to talk. Artemis came to me on my way walking here. And to think it's only twelve paces from Charlotte's room." 

"You counted?"

"I counted a very long time ago how long it would take me to get anywhere here."

"Well I suppose immortality was boring."

"So you're going to continue with this new life of yours?"

"Well yes? Why not?"

"Can I join you in this life?"

"How so?"

"Artemis told me."


"Just 'ah'?"

"What am I supposed to say?"

"Why don't you - " She crossed the room at a lightning speed, placing her arms round my neck and pushing her small body into mine like a jigsaw piece. She molded to me! My mind raced and I watched her lips, half hearing her words. " - start with a kiss?"

Her lips were so very soft, and they still tasted of her last victim with the undertone of vampiric flesh. Her flavor, it was like the sea breeze, like honey and blood. It was beautiful, as beautiful as her.

The kiss lasted for longer than expected, but I didn't, I couldn't stop. It carried on, I touched at her hair, the ringlets so smooth against my skin. I felt her fangs clash with mine but I didn't care and I realized that the ache of my muscles longed for more than blood. They longer for her. And we carried on kissing, not caring.

I could die now, the most painful slow death, and me happy. Why had I waited so long? I know now why I'd lived so long without this. So True happiness could finally be achieved. So I could finally have Lillith.

The End

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