Nothing LeftMature


“Charlotte? What ARE you doing?” I growled at her. After my time with the Goddess of night, I had followed a road to the city and stole a car. Snacking on the driver before I drove off. Now I pull off onto the shoulder of the road to find Charlotte playing damsel in distress, draining some sap who was stupid enough to pull over. I had to admit though, she looked amazing; wearing a skimpy black skirt, pink tank top, and leather jacket. She turned her eyes to me and put her hands on her hips, cocking her waist at a slight angle. 

"Hunting what does it look like?" she shot back in a snotty voice, crossing her arms. I took a step closer and grabbed her wrist hard, she shot me a glare and pulled her arm out of my grasp. "What the hell?" 

"You're coming back to the house, we all need to get together and talk...things are changing and I...I don't know how to feel about it." I kept my face stern but my voice shivered lightly. "Charlotte come with me." She stared at me for a few moments before her eyes widened. Her hand grasped the collar of my shirt and she pulled me close, for a second I thought we were going to kiss and smiled. 

Her face scrunched in a threatening snarl and her fangs glinted in my face. My eyebrows shot up and I leaned away. 

"Where were you tonight, Alcatraz?" she asked through clenched teeth, her voice shaking in rage. I gave her a sheepish shrug. 

"Uh...just getting a snack." She tossed me backwards, almost throwing me into the on coming traffic. 

"Liar!" she seethed, her eyes flashing completely crimson. I blinked ans she had me pinned to the concrete, her heel pressed against my throat. Breathing became the most difficult task, my voice became wheezy and raspy. 

"Char....charlotte, I...can't...breath..." She chuckled a bit. 

"Good, serves you right for tearing out my heart. You heartless, blind bastard!" Her foot jerked violently back and crashed into my ribs, creating a sharp  staccato crack. I howled in pain and rolled on my uninjured side. "Who was she?" Charlotte screamed in my ear. I curled up and began trembling...tears pricking at my eyes. 

"N...n...Nyx..." I mumbled helplessly. Her eyes widened and her snarl deafened in my ears. 

"I HATE you, Alcatraz! I really really..." she trailed off shouting and screaming. I heard the door on her car ring then slam shut. Squealing tires tore off into the night as I watched her tail lights disappear, leaving me with the dead guy, his car, and my car not too far off. What had I done to deserve this unending life of misery? Gods just take my life now...

I shut my eyes and tried to slip off into sleep, maybe I'd fall asleep until morning and burn to dust under the sun. That would be nice, I hadn't felt the warmth of the sun on my skin in a long time. I had feared death...I still did, but if it would get me away from the constant torment of the gods, the confusion and tension in the house, and relieve my guilt for everything that I had be it. 

My eyes fell shut and I drifted off into a haze of black. 

Nyx watched the boy, finally giving up on the dirty concrete. His form was slumped and resigned to his fate. She frowned and walked closer to him, she knew that the sleep he was now in was deep, almost comatose. His skin looked as though it had been carved from bleached bones.

"Alcatraz," she muttered shaking her head. Why did he think that life was so terrible, why did he never find the light in the darkness. It was immortality that had given him this trait, it was betrayal and now he suffered the consequences of that betrayal long after he should have died. Carefully she picked him up in her grasp and carried him back to the house. She found the vampire who was known as Paethos, placing Alcatraz on a couch nearby.

"He will not wake, he has given much as I wish I could do something for him, there is nothing that the night can do now. I am sorry, but his will to live is fading fast, he's been tortured for all these years. Now, finally he's giving up. Watch over him, you and the others. I tried tonight to give him one shred of happiness to hold onto, but it appears as though I have aided his death blow. Good night." With those words her body melted into a black mist and blew away across the winds. 

The End

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