Talk of the GodsMature

Artemis was standing in the window, framed by her moon.

"I see your family of the night are catching on to your beliefs now?" 

I walked to her, my goddess of the hunt. "Oh really? Even Alcatraz? Has he lost his rod up his arse? Must've been  hell of an extraction."

She giggled. I loved making gods laugh. "It was easy enough. We sent a siren for him."

"Ah. A pretty face."

"Tell me, what was it that changed you?"

"I can''t pinpoint it Artemis. I think I wanted to avenge my pride. Lillith hurt me."

"Did you not think about talking to her?"

"No. Why?"

"Maybe your feelings were reciprocated?"

"As if! Anyway, do you not realize how much fun I can finally have! I have lost all my human inhibitions!"

"You've never had them. You gained them when you became what you are now. It stops the frenzy."

"What are you saying?"

"I'm saying that Ares and Aphrodite are playing with fire. They should stop meddling with other immortals and their mortal victims." And she vanished before my eyes, such as the Gods do.

What the hell are the gods playing at? I'd just become liberated and now they were telling me that Lillith loved me and because  of that I can't be the real me? What utter nonsense!

Anyway, Lillith didn't love me and I didn't love her - I felt a stirring in my muscles that was reminiscent of hunger yes, but that wasn't love! Pah! Sod them all. Gods or no Gods, I am a vampire and I will never be stopped!

The End

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