I pulled up Playlist.com on my laptop, and plugged in the hair dryer. My wet hair was up in a god awful towel, and I really needed to fix that.

I fixed it quickly, and put on makeup. The music had changed from the classical I’d listen to in my youth, to Pop music. Including the Beatles. I gladly sing along, playing with my mascara.

Than, I suddenly feel the need to have a pop-star moment. I quickly open up a new tab, and Google “Female Pop Star outfits.” Pages load, tons so bad I cant even describe. I ran into my closet and pulled out a short, skimpy black skirt. Than, I grabbed a pink camie and my black lather jacket. God, I looked like a slut. But, a cute one.

I grabbed my car keys, I didn’t need my small bug, but I like to get my prey by acting helpless. I walked down the hall, laughing. God, I was hot. Or, in my mind was.

I waved to everyone in the living room, getting looks like “What the Hell is Charlotte doing?”. I justed laughed, and got in my car.


I opened up my door, my phone on my ear.

I kicked the car, and opened the hood. Soon, head lights pulled up be hide me. A young man, he looked almost twenty-five, walked over. He walked over.

“Hi ya, looks like you need help. Can I be of service?”

“Yes. Thank you!” He took a look, studying it.

“I see nothing wrong. Sorry, can I give you a ride?”

“No, my boyfriend will pick me up. Thanks!” I leaned in and give him a hug. Than, I shot my fangs into his neck.

When I was going in for a second round, after finishing Dude 1, I was about to get my second round. When I saw Alcatraz’s car pull up. I let go of the guy, and pushed him to his car.

“Charlotte? What ARE you doing?”

The End

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