Give into the Sirens CallMature


I stared down sorrowfully at Lillith, only standing because Charlotte and I had a hold of her wrists. Slowly I went down on one knee and picked her unconscious form up in my arms. Charlotte watched me then looked to Lillith. 

"I don't understand what she sees in him." I gave me a slight frown, not understanding what she meant. Charlotte sighed and and shook her head not saying anything more. Shrugging my shoulders, the three of us returned to the house. What an eventful start to the night.

Inside the house, I moved up the stairs and placed the young vampire on her bed. What ever Paethos had done to piss her off, it was bad. He had struck something inside her, of that I was sure and the only thing that would heal her wound was time. 

"Poor child," I whispered leaving the room. Charlotte waited patiently outside the door, walking with me to the living room. Statues glimmered in the moonlight, and the white couches glowed. I calmly gestured for Charlotte to have a seat, she smiled and complied. I stayed standing causing a flicker of confusion on her face. 

"I have to go and hunt, I didn't eat last night. If I don't have blood soon, I promise that Lilith's stunt will seem like child's play. I learned long ago never to resist my hunger, remember that. Starving yourself will only make you more of a monster...that means the gods get what they want. And I'll be damned if I let the gods turn me into their own little blood mongering beast, letting me out whenever they feel like it." I scoffed and growled a bit. Shaking my head, I gave her a small smile. "I'll be back later, enjoy your night...better than the others at least." 

Then I was suddenly outside the house, moving for my favorite place near the city, the large lake about twenty miles from town. With my speed, I could reach it in about 5 minutes. The lake bore a beautiful colored, clear turquoise and if the moon hit it just right it almost appeared jade. Surrounding the supple golden sand rested flowers; moon flowers, lavender, bluebells and lilies. Stepping on the beach, I tossed of my shirt, leaving on my black cargo pants. The wind brushed against me and tickled my skin. A happy sigh escaped my lips and I laid against the cool sand, feeling the grit against my back. 

It was nice to escape the house and the city, leave behind the others and enjoy the peace of the night for myself. The murmur of the waves against the shore lulled me into a lazy half sleep. Soon another song drifted through my ears, making me open my eyes and blink a few times. It was a song, a lovely melody that pitched from high notes to dulcet tones. The sounds made my insides melt and my eyes to flutter happily. 

"Alcatraz," the voice cooed, it's owner stepping closer. I gazed upon her form, my jaw slack from her beauty. Lovely crystal blue eyes set perfectly on her face with soft lips and pale skin. Her hair was black as night, falling like running water around her face and stopping just above her waist. She was clad in a long black, silk robe that draped across her round curves, accenting everything about her.  A teasing smile stretched across her lips as she stretched to lay down next to me. 

"My Alcatraz, you have never disappointed me." I looked at her and smiled back.

"Do you have a name?" I managed to say, a burning desire flooding my veins and building in my gut. She chuckled and ran a finger lightly across my cheek. 

"Nyx," she leaned in and brushed her lips across mine. Sparks burned and I leaned towards her as she pulled away. "You have always denied the gods, yet you love me don't you Alcatraz?" I nodded, if I could have blushed then, I would have been a bright color. She nodded and moved to lay atop me, her hair falling around my face. Her fingers danced across my chest, causing me to shiver and moan. Was this the pleasure that Paethos had talked about? How could I ever deny this? How had I lived without this? 

"Oh Nyx," I moaned wrapping my arms around her and kissing her passionately. She gave into the kiss and giggled when our lips finally parted.

"Take me Son of the night, show me that you love...forget the world and stay with me for this night. I nodded deftly, grinning happily. She pulled at the zipper of my pants and right then I knew, I was in love with this mistress of the night. I had fallen to her call and became lost in her eyes.

Snapping out of my thoughts, I realized I was naked under her and she was lying on top of me. Snarling in hunger and excitement, I pushed into her and tore a moan from her lips. Paethos was right...I would never denounce this hunger for the flesh again. I hadn't made love in so long that I felt amazing. Rocking back and forth like the waves, our symphony of love echoed into the night and up to the stars. Every movement felt so damn good I never wanted it to end. 

After we climaxed and screamed out in pleasure we lay there together, covered in sand. Gently I kissed her lips and nuzzled her neck. "I love you." She kissed back.

"As do I, lover." With that she stroked my cheek and stood, pulling her silk robe back on her frame. "I will see you soon, I promise." She winked and melted into the night like a wisp of smoke. I lay there on the beach for a few more minutes before pulling on my boxers and pants. 

What a hell of a night! 

The End

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