I fumed with simmering anger as I stalked away from Paethos. I knew this was his aim. To make me angry. But why? Why did he parade that human slut in front of all of us? She wasn't even pretty. Urgh. I wanted to scream. Let out my anger. As soon as I admitted that to myself, I felt a red haze creep over my gaze and knew that if I looked in the mirror my eyes would shine a bloody red. My fury had taken over. 

I whipped through the house and to the center of the town. There, I stopped and let out a blood-curdling scream. People came rushing to see what was wrong with me. I slumped to the ground, feigning innocence, hurt. But as soon as the first man got near, I felt my body flip up and my hand went around his neck, snapping his spine and killing him instantly. I didn't bother to drain him. 

Next was a plain woman in her mid forties. I reached forward and took a handful of her t-shirt. My hand came away bloody, and I realized I had scraped away her skin. I grinned and dug deeper, ignoring the woman's screams, until I reached her heart. I ripped it out and tossed it aside, cackling madly. 

I killed ten more people in this way, draining none, giving none my mercy. Any who crossed my path was immediately doomed to die. After twelve people I felt my anger ebb away. 

What have I done? I thought, my breaths coming in gasps. I fled to the house, running straight for the bathroom. But I couldn't get there fast enough. Alcatraz gripped my wrist on one side, Charlotte on the other. 

"Oh deary me. What have you done, Lillith?" Crowed Paethos, stepping from the shadows. I curled my lips back in a snarl, showing him my fangs. Seeing him made my fury rise again, and the red mist began to gather.

"Oh shit! She's getting angry again!" Charlotte cried. "Paethos get the fuck out, your presence is clearly infuriating her. Paethos growled, but left all the same. When he had left, the anger left too. I suddenly felt impossibly weary, and the blackness overtook me.  

The End

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