A Question of MoralityMature

Alcatraz was stupid and blind! How could he not see, that we could to, will do anything? I'm no more monster than him yet he tries to find himself a pedestal among the beasts. Does he see himself as some form of martyr? Staving off the desires of the flesh and bloods that make us who we are? As humans we'd have enjoyed sex, so why not now? What physiological change occured that changed our needs? Yes we wanted blood primarily but what about everything else!

I paced with my thoughts, half noticing the rising sun. I drew the thick curtains by habit and turned on the radio. Humans talking about famous humans... what was the point? They'd all die eventually. I flicked the switch off on the wall.

Lillith came into the room, she was upset yet very calm.

"What do you want now? Did Alcatraz want you to talk to me?"


"Then what? Think I'm crazy too?"


"Tell me. I can't read minds... argh!" her calm was putting me off.

"I just want to speak to you, calmly and without any pretense."

"Go on then."

"I want to know what you're talking about, what did Ares say?"

"It's not what he said that's important, it is what he meant. How can we not realise that we don't have the same code of conduct as humans! We kill on a nightly basis for Gods sake! What is the major problem with sex? It's not like I'm raping her!"

"I know Paethos. But Alcatraz isn't too keen on hearing. Go to their house in future." I noticed she wasn't calm. It was silent anger. Yes!

"Ok, would you like to join in as well, I hear orgies can be fun."

"No Paethos."

And she walked away. I know it's annoying her but she is so close to her huanity and morality. She'll be the best to change before she becomes set in her ways like Alcatraz and how I used to be.

The End

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