Question of MoralityMature



“I had no idea.” I said, lowering my head a little. Charlotte had been pregnant with a child...had wanted to bear children? The thought threw me for a loop, in a way it disgusted me.

I had despised children from an early age, especially for my sisters. All they did was eat, sleep, shit, and cry. Attention mongering beasts spawned from...I shivered remembering Paethos and Aphrodite. Though I didn't voice my discontent for children. I had hurt Charlotte once tonight, I didn't need to hurt her again. 

“Nobody does.” she said quietly. I stood and hugged her tightly, keeping her in my grasp for as long as I could. Kissing her on the forehead, I pulled away and gave her a soft smile. 

"Do not worry about the gods, go to your room and have a good days sleep. I still have to feed." Wrapping my arm around her shoulder, I lead her to her room and left her there. 

"Sleep well," I whispered, turning and shutting her door. Shutting my eyes, I sighed, eventually moving down the hallway and pausing at the top of the stairs. The hint of blood wafted around me, teasing about Paethos's kill.

I raised an eyebrow when a voice spook, I could hear it from the library and knew very well who it belonged to, Ares. Damn it, Paethos! I stalked down the stairs and into the library where he seemed to be brimming with energy. I scowled at him and leaned against the mantle, displeasure burning in my gut. 

"Why did you talk with Ares...what did he want?" Paethos eyed me, grinning and laughing. 

"Stop clinging to your humanity Alcatraz, I learned something that you. The first of our kind failed to learn." I narrowed my eyes at him, not liking where the conversation was heading. 

"And what do you mean my humanity? I am no longer a human so how could I cling to such a concept?" He shook his head at me, hands clenching and unclenching. 

"You don't get it do you?" he demanded. "You cling to your mortality, you don't toy with your food as I do. You don't use them! Your a slave to your mortality Alcatraz. We don't have morality! We don't have rules! We were vampires! Cursed killers of the night! Bloodsuckers! What was the point to morality?! We don't need morality! We don't need rules! Wake up and smell the blood!" 

I stood there and stared at him, was this what Ares and Aphrodite's plan was? To turn us into uncaring, unchanging creatures for their own whims and desires? 

"Have you lost your mind Paethos?" I said, tilting my head and giving an accusatory stare. "Have you not seen me hunt...I toy with every person before their death. I remind them that their life is not unending like mine is. But just because I do not satisfy my sexual hungers you say that I am a slave to morality? If I am not a creature bathed in all the sins of Hades and Hephaestus, than I am insane? No, we have rules so that humanity is ignorant of our presence. So that none of us get hurt. Do you hear me?!"

Paethos shot me an angry glare and bared his fangs. I snarled back, showing off my own fangs. "Do not test me!" I barked turning my back to him. "Sit here and enjoy your diluted ideas about our lives. We are  the play things of the gods, be wary of Ares and Aphrodite. They are not your friends, they are just a different brand of evil trying to turn you to their ways. Good night!" 

Hungry, tired, and pissed off I stalked back to my room. Collapsing on the sheets, I buried my head against the soft pillow and threw the sheets over me. I wouldn't sleep well at all. 

The End

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