As I sat in the chair in the library reading, the others steered clear from me. I could hear them walking past but they were staying at a distance. I'd done something they didn't think possible - to lose control in the presence of a human and staving off the kill. I'd become a fictional character, an incubus. Or, we only thought of it as fictional. I thought of what Alcatraz said... But I was a murderer, so was he, and we still killed, every night. How was making a mortal give themselves to us willingly bad? Surely we could enjoy it a little, do it anyway we wished. We didn't have rules!

"Hello young Paethos."

"Hi, what bring so you here?"

"I saw that you're beginning to enjoy your immortality."

"Yes Ares. So why didn't you allude to it earlier?"

"You wouldn't believe me. Plus you needed to find out yourself." he paused and came into the light of the window. "So how was it - finally allowing yourself to enjoy taking blood?"

"Wonderful. Although, I had a thought. Is there really such a thing as morality - when you must feed upon blood until your prey dies?"

"There isn't morality in anyone, alive or otherwise. It's all human concepts."

"I see. As other animals kill each other - humans can also."

"Humans do - they just have others that think. They think it's wrong, and that's where morality comes from. It's the appeasal of others, I just explained justice to you as well. Two for one eh?"

"I see." I sat and stewed with the thoughts while Ares paced along the bookshelf.

"I know what you're going to ask."


"You're going to ask the question that Alcatraz askes me everytime."

"Alcatraz knows this?"

"Heavens no! He's too coiled up with his human self to care."

"I see. So can I ask it?"

"I don't see why not."

"Why did we become vampires? It wasn't for the horrible acts we did?"

"Ah, a twist! It wasn't because you did all the murdering; that's the answer to both of them, it was something else that ties you all together. The ones we changed. What ties you as candidates for immortality?"

"I don't know."

"When you do, you'll know why then." Then he dissapated into the air. My mind was buzzing with his words yet it never had felt this clear. I sprang from my chair, the thoughts filling my mind until all I could do was scream.

I hear the pound of footsteps approach. I was half deafened by my own thoughts yet because my vampiric ears were so finely-tuned I could hear everything. We didn't have morality! We didn't have rules! We were vampires! Cursed killers of the night! Bloodsuckers! What was the point to morality! We didn't need morality! We didn't need rules!

The End

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