I leaned on the door, studying Alcatraz. He watched me, I felt a fight coming on. Or I thought.

“Sorry,” I said. He laughed, and laughed. I didn’t find it funny, no not one bit.

“It’s fine.” he said. “We friends again?” he said.

“I guess.” I said. “Listen, have you seen Paethos? He’s acting like..Shit, she’s in the house isn’t she?” I asked. He nodded.

“You mean Aphrodite right?’’ he said. I nodded. “Why do you hate her?”

“If I tell, she’ll just get pissed. She hates me and I hate her. Ok?” I said. She gave me hell me when HE did it, I felt like crying out. I had to tell someone, I thought. I felt a tear coming out.

“Fine, why don’t you talk about it? We all know Paethos killed people, you murdered a town, and I killed my family. I know what you did, why you’re here, but WHY do you get upset when Aphrodite shows up?” He turns around, and looks at me right in the eyes.

“May I close this?” I point to the door, he nodded, and I shut it.

“I was raped. And tournted. Aphrodite allowed it to happened. Many, bad, bad things happened to me those four days. Nothing I would curse on my worst enemy. I was pregnant, and lost the child when I was turned. So yea, that’s why I hate her. Understand?” by this point I’m balling for my child, for myself.

“I do. You ALMOST had a child?” he asks.

“I did. I would have been a good mother, no way in hell was I getting into a nunnery. And, well that’s how I was turned.” I said. He stands up, and hugs me.

“I had no idea.” he said.

“Nobody does.”

The End

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