I nodded at Charlotte as she spoke of the man, the one who stole everything from her. 

“I know I don’t, what happened after though? Should I know something?” Her eyes flicked to me, anger building behind them and glaring at me. I sighed and stood, walking from her room. I swear she's bi-polar. As I moved down the hall, noises and sounds reached my ears. I lifted an eyebrow, half disgusted, Paethos had a woman here and he wasn't all to keen on keeping quiet.

I gaged, silently and proceeded down the stairs. The farther away from his shouts and her moans I could get the better. It had been 400 some years since I had enjoyed the pleasures of the flesh and I wasn't ready to jump back into the game at all. In the library I grabbed a large leather bound book and found a place next to the fire roaring in the mantle place.

Halfway through reading the aging tome, a small ghostly figure perched on the arm of the couch. I raised an eyebrow and looked up, instantly scowling. Aphrodite sat before me, a smug grin spread across her lips. She was like one large diamond, sparkling and glittering with radiant light. 

"Hello child of the night," she giggled and ran her hands through her long golden curls. I shut the book with a large slam and glared. 

"And what business do you have in my home, Goddess of love, tormentor of man?" She wagged her finger and tilted her head, trying to appear innocent and cute. It wasn't working with me. 

"Such harsh words...I'm just enjoying my time you, while your younger friend enjoys his companion." I rolled my eyes and shook my head. "What...a goddess cannot visit you? Not even to help you out?" I stood and turned to her, my eyes narrowed.

"If I recall Aphrodite, you were one of the Gods that made me what I am. Or am I mistaken?" Her lithe frame slouched a bit, a frown hinting on her lips. It almost seemed like her beauty had leaked away and her perfect image shimmered before she perked back up.

"Yes, but you see my lover Ares has a plan for you and the rest of your family. We will help you, but you must help us in return. Doesn't that sound delightful?" her voice was all too cheery, like a group of birds singing a chorus. I turned my back to her and crossed my arms. What reason do I have to trust the gods?! I jumped when her fingers danced across my shoulders, she laughed in my ear. I turned and backed away. 

"Don't touch me," I growled, readying to attack her. She laughed.

"Alcatraz, young blood drinker, I could show you more pleasure than what your friend is having with that silly human girl...what do you say? Am I not the most beautiful creature? Come to me, my little Alcatraz." She leaned towards me, like the leering smile of a predator trying to lure it's prey.

"No, now begone from my house! Leave us all be! Do not tempt me, lest you face the consequences. I have no proof that the Gods, even you and Ares, have anything that I want. Leave!" She faked a pout and shrugged her shoulders.

"You know we can give that which you seek, happiness eternal and an end to your nightmares. Right, my Alcatraz?" She grinned and dissipated into small fragments of light that wavered and died. Why do you still torture me? I thought leaving the library. A shiver ran down my spine, this life had tempted me with so many things. The taunts and teases of a god were nothing different. I walked slowly up the stairs, a door opening to my left. 

Paethos stood there, showing a bloody grin, and only wearing a pair of pants. The naked body of his victim laid back in his room. I shook my head and walked away.

"Your just as bad as the murders and rapists you hunt, Paethos. You call them monsters...take a look in the mirror." I muttered to myself, shutting my bedroom door. I crossed the expanse of my room and stood on the balcony overlooking the garden. The moon flowers had bloomed and glowed in the night. How many times had I stared at these flowers...how many times must we watch the moon rise and fall. 

"She's right," I admitted to myself. "They both read me like a book...Damn the gods!" I spun on my heels and walked back into my room. I wasn't tired but I laid down anyways, my eyes locking onto the boring ceiling. Dull, dull, dull. 

"Alcatraz?" a small voice sounded from my door. I waved my hand, allowing them to enter. "What do you need Charlotte, go ahead and scream at me some more. Beat the shit out of me...It's all I'm ever good for anyways." 

The End

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