Another Curse'd NightMature

Lillith was telling me how thrilled she was. How my advice was so good... well she did take it a little far, but two can play at that game. I suppose I hadn't toyed with the idea of interacting with my prey as much as that. I was in awe that she'd not just bitten him and been done with it. At her age I would have. But then again I didn't have that sort of self control.

I'll have to leave relatively early to find someone to play with like that. I wasn't hungry yet but after a bit of playing I'm sure the hunger would get me.

"I'm afraid I'll have to leave you now Lillith. Planing on trying this new technique of yours. I was lucky last night, but murderers, rapists, prostitutes and child abusers are getting thin on the ground at the moment. So I bid you adieu."

She remained sudued throughout my little speech and bit her plump red lip hard with those pearly fangs. It was frighteningly beautiful. Hmmm, her story in her story she said she found a particularly handsome man, I'm going to show her beautiful and I'll parade beautiful in front of her pretty little nose.


I watched her across the smoky room, she was very beautiful, especially for a human. In fact, she was exceptionally beautiful for a human, I could have sworn there was some vampiric elegance in her. Although after tuning in to her voice above all others in the room, I found that she quite happily spoke to her friend about a visit in the park. I walked through the crowd.

"May I get you a drink m'lady?" I smiled at her, knowing how my own appearance would stun her.

"Of course."

"What are you drinking?"

She blushed and I caught her scent. Sweet. "Cherry brandy on ice."

I walked to the bar and puchased two, it is truly amazing how humans will think that I can drink and eat when in fact I'm not.

"Here you are."

She blushed again, and broke from her group of friends, accompanying me in a private booth to talk. She was an interesting human.


I took her back to the house and paraded her quickly among the others, savouring the look on Lillith's face as she saw this woman I was going to take.

I lead her to my room and quickly she stripped herself of her clothes and pulled at my belt.

"Come on, I know you want me." I felt the first pangs of hunger in my muscles. I could stave them off for later... this story is supposed to torment Lillith and I'm terrible at lying to fellow vampires.

I slipped my top off and she marvelled at my smooth toned chest. her hands were so warm.

"You're cold. I can warm you up." She had turned her voice to that of a whisper, although I knew the others could hear if they were still in the house.

"I'm sure you can." I let my trousers slip off and she immediately lead me to my bed.

"You're so beautiful Verona. I want you." I felt another surge inside me of hunger and sex.

Her hands felt down my body to my cock.

"I can tell." Her opened herself to me, and I entered, remembering my time before I'd changed. Had it been that long? It must have been. It all flooded back though.

As she groaned beneath me I brushed her brunette hair from her neck and planted a few kisses, gradually nibbling and sucking. Another surge of fire filled my muscles. Now.

"Oh! Please don't stop!" I bit into her soft flesh and started to drink.

She wasn't protesting as I fed from her sweet blood. In fact she continued to tell me to carry on, orgasmic in her groaning.

Soon after I'd filled from her blood she fell limp, dead. I removed my venom from her neck and lifted myself from her. I calmly put my clothes back on and took her lifeless form to an alleyway on the otherside of the town. No-one noticed me as I moved quietly and quickly. No human would even see me let alone hear me.


I sat in the chair in the library, sated from the blood filling my veins.

"I hope you're happy Paethos." Lillith came from the shadows covered in blood.

"I am." I went back to my book. I don't think she realized how much she'd hurt me earlier. She should get used to it. That was the most strange enjoyable experience I've had in a while.

The End

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