The Thrill of the Hunt.Mature

"I... I.. Need your advice." I stuttered, unable to meet his gaze. He one of the oldest vampires around.. I must look like an infant to him. 

"My advice?" He asked, his violet eyes shining in the moonlight. 

"Yes.. I seek your guidance.. About hunting." I finished quickly. 

"Oh." His expression changed from curiosity to disinterest in a matter of seconds. "What do you need help with?" 

"Well.. Um.. As you know, I.. I'm young. And.. Well, my.. my victims feel much pain when I drain them. Is there any way I can make it.. Less painful for them?" I looked away again, embarrassed. Had I been able to blush, I would have been. 

"Well.. I guess.. I guess a pretty little thing like you could attract prey.. I guess by.. well, romancing them.. Then, they would almost be happy to give their lives for you.. You are beautiful.. It shouldn't be hard for you to seduce guys." Realizing he had said too much, he looked away. "I have to go.." He muttered, and disappeared into the night. 

I sighed. Romance, huh? I decided to try it. My thirst was taking every bit of my concentration to control, so the sooner I fed, the better. I left the house, running at inhuman speed through the streets of the town near our.. our prison. I stopped for a moment when I caught the delicious scent I was searching for. I slowed, ambling along at a painfully slow pace. I turned the corner, and there he was. He was very handsome, I gave him that. Nothing compared to the beauty of vampires, but definitely supermodel gorgeous as far as humans went. In my human years I would have fallen head over heels for him the instant I set eyes on him. But as I was, all I felt was my burning thirst. 

I approached slowly. 

"Hey.." He called, spotting me. I turned my head, and heard his breath catch in his throat. I smiled. He thought I was beautiful. "Hey, you.. you need a ride home?" I thought for a moment, wondering how I should play this. My thoughts moved so quickly that he didn't notice my pause. 

"Actually... I'm kind of looking for somewhere to stay.." I looked away, pretending to be scared. I heard his heartbeat pick up. 

"Well.. There just so happens to be a place to sleep at mine. Especially for someone gorgeous like you.." His eyes ran up and down my pale form. I smiled. 

"How does a gorgeous guy like you not have a girlfriend?" I asked quietly. 

"We broke up." He said matter-of-factly. "Now, you want that bed or not?" 

Before I knew it, he was leading me into his small flat. The door thudded shut behind us, and I could wait no longer. I lunged for his neck, but he mistook my move, intercepting me with his mouth. We kissed for a few moments before his hand slid up my top to cup my breast. He pulled at my shirt playfully. Yes. It would be easier to drain him if there were no pesky clothes in the way. I allowed him to pull off my shirt, pulling off his. He slipped out of his trousers, and I unzipped my skirt. Soon we were both nude, and on his bed. As he moved over me, our bodies interlocking, my hunger over took. His eyes widened with fear as my irises turned crimson. He tried to pull away, but I locked him in place by curling my legs about his waist like a vice. Then I pressed my lips to his jugular, tearing through the skin to the hot, gushing blood easily. 

To my surprise, he moaned with pleasure as I sucked the life blood from his veins. I drank and drank, giving in to the pleasure, listening to his gasps and moans. Then he went limp, totally drained. I felt full, and horribly sloshy. I felt none of the usual shame and discomfort. 

He had felt no pain.. I smiled for the first time in months. Maybe there was a way for me to live without hating myself.. 

The End

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