Time to drinkMature


The darkness of the night was to be diminishing soon. About three hours and twelve minutes. My favourite time of the night - my age.3:12, it was getting easier the older I got. I always tried to get a meal in in the time according to my age. Obviously before I was  sixty I didn't, but times had become boring and I needed excitement.

I pushed yet another book I had finished away, I wonder how many books I could read before I can somehow die. Oh yeah - I won't. There was a hammering of boots similar to my own behind me.

"Enjoy yourself tonight young blood-sucker." I turned to see the voice I knew so well, Ares.

"Oh - it's you - what do you want?"

"Just wanted you to have fun. I've been watching you all here. I didn't realise you all hated this."

"Well maybe we'd like to die sometime."

"Step into the sun then - we won't stop you."

"Fuck you, I'm not ready yet. Go annoy the others, I'm starving." And at that I jumped out the window and started to run, searching for a target I wouldn't find to detestable to kill.

Come on, a murderer, rapist, someone who doesn't show remorse like I knew.

I soon could smell the sticky smell of another's blood on a human, a killer like myself. I tracked the smell, I felt the hunger surge in my muscles, the intense fire of pain that I knew as my hunger. I saw the man I was pursuing in the alleyway, walking away from his kill. A fresh killer - even better!

"So who'd you kill?"

"Fuck." The man dropped his baseball bat that he'd used in the kill and started to run. One, Two, Three, Four... I could count as long as I wished. 

"Ten! I'm coming to get you!" I whispered my words in such a voice that only another immort would ever hear me.

I took off at my supernatural speed, catching the man in less than a second. Man, I was getting fast!

"So any last words..." I sniffed at his hand, inhaling the sweet blood. "A woman's blood. Now now, that won't do." I cranked his neck to the left, exposing his bearded flesh. I dug my fangs into the Jugular, the soft thud of the blood coursing into my mouth. It was the salty blood of a man that I craved tonight.

"W-w-what are you doing." I needn't reply. I drained him still the heart stopped and the sucked my own venom from his neck. No more vampires.. Satisfied, I left him like he left his own victim and walked calmly back to our 'house'. I felt his blood pumping in my veins, the killer's blood.

There was a drop of it on my sleeve. I traced my tongue over it and savoured the fact I'd served the community in my own way.

I was soon back at the house. I drew the thick velvet drapes to stop the sun. It had been so long since I'd seen the sun for real. I had purchased pictures, seen television shows that had sun and sunrise. when I had it seemed so much more beautiful than i remembered.

"Hey Paethos, Can I have your ear for a while?" Lilith was behind me. She was stunning in the half light of the house, her hair had a radiant bounce to it, the gold reflecting more light than it could possibly have recieved in here. she was so young, so naive to me, still so human-like. When I saw her my thoughts fought as whether to take her in my arms and kiss her or drink her blood. I pushed my instincts away.

"Sure, what do you need me for?"

The End

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