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The soft sound of running footsteps just reached my ears as I walked down the upstairs hallway. Small hands pushed me down as someone pinned me on my back. I snarled an bared my fangs, my eyes flying open noticing my aggressor. Charlotte?! I thought in both anger and surprise. Why? What the heck are you attacking me for?

"Say sorry!" She yelled in my face. Her blue eyes blazed like a fire and her golden hair, hung in her face. I gritted my teeth and pushed her way, turning to walk back to my room. Say sorry...for what?! Before I could get more than 10 feet down the hallway she grabbed my hoodie and pinned me to the cold brick. It's surface punctured my into my back and I bit back a growl. What do you want with me! 

"I hate how you kill so many people! You don't even take all of there blood!" She shouted into my face. I looked her in the eyes, seeing my crimson eyes reflected in hers. I drain all my victims...this woman just pissed me off. I winced as her fingers dug deeper into my neck. Hundreds of things to say rushed through my mind but I spat out the worst one I could think of. 

"Your one to talk, bitch! You killed a whole town!" Her foot smashed right between my legs and the air left my lungs. She turned and ran into her room, leaving it open. I fell to the floor, my arms wrapped around my stomach. Tears streaked from my eyes and puddled on the floor. My eyes fell tightly shut as the cries of Charlotte reached my ears. "Charlotte..." I whispered feeling a sudden gripping guilt. My nails dug into the carpet and I managed to stand, my legs still trembling from the sharp kick. The thought of going to her and hugging her tightly, apologizing to her and explaining everything crossed my mind. 

But my pride, my stubbornness and anger...wouldn't let me. Just as I couldn't accept the gods my parents worshiped so fervently. I glared at her open door, and her shinning golden hair. I hated her, they way she still tried to be human even after all that had happened. It was depressing and pathetic, it made my stomach twist and knot uncomfortably. I growled and turned, walking to my room and collapsing on my bed. She's so confusing! First she stares at me practically through the night, then she attacks me without even asking for an explanation...Am I truly that despicable and disgusting? 

"Alcatraz," A voice said. Dejected, I opened my eyes halfway to see a tall toned man holding and axe. He was wearing and old style leather and metal armor. He leaned against the wall, his features looked as though chiseled from marble. The man had a wry smile on his face. "Its good to see you, my child, Alcatraz." Sitting up, I glared at the man. 

"Who are you and how do you know my name?" I flashed my fangs at him, standing. "Don't you know what I am?!" The man laughed and leaned on the large double bladed axe. 

"Young blood drinker, I know everything about you and the others like you. I am a god and I should know such things." I felt completely disarmed, Why the hell was a god here?

"Explain yourself before I kill you!" The man cocked his head and nodded. 

"I am Ares, god of war, bloodlust, violence, and courage. I am here because my brothers and sisters of the sky cursed you...and that's not fair." I took a step back, my confusion growing. "I am here to help you, to show you that your abilities are not a curse as you would believe, they are a gift." I narrowed my eyes at the man. 

"And why would you help me?" 

"To get back at my brothers and sisters, just like you. But that is irrelevant at the moment. I will be back to visit you some time in the future. In the mean time I suggest you go and apologize to the young girl, she has more feelings for you than you'd like to believe." Then in a flash of light, Ares was gone. I stood there dumbstruck and unable to speak...Damn the gods for toying with me! I sighed, but maybe he was right...I needed to explain to Charlotte and say I was sorry. Even if I truly wasn't, she needed to hear it. 

The End

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