I wathced Alcatraz walk past the girl he just drank. He plays with his food, and doesn't even finish it. I ran over to the girls side, cover her face and drink. I finshed up, and walked faster. I begin to run.  I spotted Alcatraz halfway to his room. I jumped onto his back and pinned him down.

"Say sorry!" I yelled in his face. He pushed me off and walked away. Fine, I'll do it the hard way. I jumped yet again. Pinned him to the cold brick wall and yelled.

"I hate how you kill so many people! You don't even take all of there blood!" I yelled.

"Your one to talk, Bitch! You killed a whole town!" He did not just say that. I kicked him where it hurts, and walked to my room. I left the dorr open, 'cuse Lillth would came talk to me and cried.

The End

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