I stood in the main courtyard, staring grudgingly up at the silver orb in the sky. It was a shame that such a lovely night was dampened by my foul mood. I scowled as the stars began to glimmer and shine brightly. The gods were mocking us, curse them for everything they did to me, to my family. Sighing, I shut my crimson eyes to the world, listening as the crickets sang and the nearby stream gurgled. Why me? Why couldn't my family just forget the gods, they should have just left me with my books and art. But no! 

The images of a large fire flickered in my mind; My mother, father, and two younger sisters stood about the dancing light sending their prayers off to the Gods. I could hear each of the gods names as they prayed. Aphrodite, Apollo, Athena...Hera! Damn them all. I could still see the blade in my hand, the blood drenching my robes as I sat in the middle of their destroyed bodies. Reading my favorite story as shouts and cries rose from the village. Then the militia came...

"Watching him again, are we?" Lillith's voice sounded from far behind me. I furrowed my brow, knowing that she was talking to Charlotte. The voice pulled me from my memories. It happened so long ago. The wind picked up and shifted the grass, and brushed through my black hair. A small growl burned from my stomach and set my limbs on fire, the hunger was back.

Sighing, I turned and walked back to the large Parthenon like house. The only place that those cursed could live in without fear or abandonment. The night's glowing light reflected off the French doors, illuminating the two figures inside. The youngest to be turned, was Lillith, while she looked about 17 she was now growing close to thirty or so years old. The other was Charlotte, the second youngest of our mix-match group, around 211 years old. If I still had any attachments to my human self, I would have said we were a family.  

"Ladies," I said with a slight bow and moved past them. I walked deeper into the house, tasting the cold air as I drew closer and closer towards the front room. The room was furnished with beautifully colored tapestries and other works of art. Even though my parents had tried, my passion for the arts would never die...just like me. As I passed a large book case, a figure stirred on the couch. He was the closet in age to me at 312 years, considering I was the oldest of the group at 416 years. I was the first to be cursed by the gods for my 'Heinous' acts.  

"Evening Paethos," I nodded to him continuing towards the front door. "I'm going out to eat, join me if you wish." I honestly didn't care if he came with me, stepping back into the night. I took off running with inhuman speed, it wasn't long before I reached a nearby city. The lights were obnoxious, and the constant chatter of it's people was even worse. Pulling the hood of my sweater over my head and pushing my hands in my pocket, I walked down the street. Occasionally, tasting the air for just the right scent. Ah...found you. 

A young woman around 20 or so, walked towards me. I flashed her a calm smile, though I hid my fangs, a technique that took years of practice. 

"Lovely night," I said, an old accent flared in my words. She paused and gave me a girlish giggle. While I wanted to gag and just drain her there, I kept my cool and kept up the facade. The girl nodded and stopped, his eyes sparkling with young life. It just made her blood that much sweeter. 

"Yea," her soft voice said. "Want to walk with me?" I wrapped my arm around her shoulder and walked with her. Not a single feeling flickered through my heart as I lead her to the park, a place that would give me the seclusion I needed. After 10 minutes or so, I stopped and pulled her out of the light. The shadows surrounded us. The girls cheeks flushed and her hearbeat picked up. I smiled back hearing her lifes drum beat. 

"Nice to eat you." I teased, the girl's eyes widened but before she could do anything I pushed her head to the side. My fangs glinted and punctured her neck, a splash of red blood poured through my lips and down my throat. Warmth filled me and color returned to my pale skin. Tears began to drop from her eyes as she asked me why I was doing this to her. 

"Why?" I laughed, drawing away from her neck. The wound continued to bleed and while I was still hungry, I wanted to answer her question. "Because I am damned that's why. I will live forever draining life from the mortals around me, just because the gods wanted to punish me." A small cry escaped her lips ans her heart gave out. Shame, I thought, what a way to spend a night. Pushing her body aside, I lapped up the last drops of blood and stood. Licking my lips, I composed myself and began to walk back to the house.

"There's no love for you in this world Alcatraz," I said to myself. "Just blackness, blood, and death!" I snarled and began running, I just wanted to get back to the mansion and curl up among the bright white Moonflowers. Maybe a momentary peace would calm me down, if not maybe one of the others could entertain me. 

The End

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