I wake up from a gorgeous dream about that cupid... Then find him kissing me!

“You!” I exclaim delightedly. I laugh. “I don’t even know what your name is. What do they call you, Mr Amazing?”

“Thistle. A beautiful flower, yet so poisonous.

"So enticing to its prey."

He lets his lips brush my jaw, evoking sweet pleasure from me.

"Hm," I say, relaxing completely and losing my train of thought. I kiss his lips passionately.

Thistle pulls away, startling me. He presses a finger to my lips.

"Oh, sweet maiden. I cannot tempt you so. Passion tastes so much sweeter when it is gained after an excruciating chase."

"No," I moan. "I want you now."

Thistle chuckles and skips back. "No, fair maiden. I cannot take passion that is given so easily."

I stare at him longingly. I get up and start crawling towards him on all fours.

"Please," I beg, gazing up at his face.

Thistle looks quite tempted but puts a finger to her lips again. "Please what?" he asks.

"Please bring me sweet pleasure."

Thistle leans down and kisses her sweetly pressing her down into the grass before skipping away again.

I stand up and run after him. "Thistle, please! This is torture!"

"That is the point," he whispers, pressing up against me. "By the time I finally take your passion, you will be gagging for my touch." He strokes my cheek.

 I tremble at his touch, swallowing hard. The desire is painful. I hold onto him.

"Don't," I whisper imploringly. "Don't do this to me."

Thistle strokes her cheek again. "Do you want me?"

"Yes," I breathe, my desire even evident in my tone.

Thistle smiles and kisses me, pressing me down into the soft grass. He moves our clothes slowly. I cry out in the sheer agony produced by his sloth-like actions.

Thistle chuckles. "Shh, you wait for good things."

"I don't want this to be good; I want it to be pure sin."

"Sin, sweet maiden?" Thistle smiles.

I nod. "You can't tell me you're an angel after treating me this way, Thistle. I know you want me to submit to you and your job is to produce fire in me."

Thistle smiles and suddenly, before I can comprehend, he has entered me and is killing me whilst showing me Heaven.


The End

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