I loved seducing women. I loved watching them crumble and melt beneath my touch. It felt perfectly right. I find my gaze on this wonderful girls lips. "What is your name, beauty?" I whisper my voice turning hypnotic.

"Bliss" her name was ripped from her lips before sense told her to keep hushed. "Bliss Sunlight"

I smiled and brought my lips to hers. I knew that, even though she might not have wanted to, the moment my lips touched hers it was everything she needed to survive. It gave her desire and wanting. It made her heart race faster than a pounding drum. When I pulled away she was such a mess of emotions that she was unable to speak.

"The name's Thistle, darling. If you want to see me again just call" I say before vanishing leaving her helpless in the heart warming red light. I left her needing my presence but knew she would try and not call until the point she was dying for it. That's what cupids do. Unless the person they've seduced finds someone to love they will be left wanting us forever and even obsessing slightly.

I find myself landing in a grassy patch and soon realise its a garden. I smirk looking around then my eyes set on the beauty that I was allowed to hold only the start of this day. She lay asleep on a swinging bench in this garden of beauty. I walk over to her and kneel down so I am close to her face.

I stroke the hair back from her cheek causing her to shiver even in her sleep. "Cupid" she sighs. I chuckle and know immediatly thats why I am here. This little sorceress was summoning me in her sleep.

I lean in and kiss her lips softly. As I pull away she sighs and slowly her eyes flutter open. Then she gasps.....

The End

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