Seductive StrangerMature

I first saw the curious, yet strangely seductive creature propped against the stone entryway of my Sun Temple. The rays of light reflected of his black hair, giving the appearance of luminous indigo highlights. I knew at once that he was something other than human. No human being would have been about to locate my secret sanctuary.

“You there,” I called to the mystical creature. “What brings you to my divine Sun Temple without invitation?”

The magnificent being strode pass me and smiled, showing me his dazzling pearly whites. I caught his alluring aura and took a hesitant step towards his direction. The stranger paused in his tracks, turning to smile at me again. I saw amusement and satisfaction searing away inside his eyes.

Unaware with my reasoning, I began to walk towards him. I found that the closer I was to him the faster my heart raced, the more breathtaking I found his smile and the longer I wanted to be in his presence. This ultimate being, this seductive stranger, this beautiful creature was what I desired so greatly.

“What are you,” I whispered when I was only a step away. In response, he chuckles. The sound was so enthralling that I felt like drowning in it.

“Well that’s a very good question.” I gasped at the sound of his voice. I had never heard anything so melodic. He leans in and whispers in my ear. “I’m a cupid.” His cool breath brushes against my hot neck. I shiver in the passionate heat. Figures, the bitter part of me thought.

“You seem tense,” the stranger said sadness twined into his sweet voice. His lips touched my soft skin lightly and burnt my darker side away.

“Oh,” I gasp, pleasure pounding through every vein and artery.

The End

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