I sit in the corner of the café and glare as I watch the attractive man flirt with that pathetic waitress.

As I glower, he waits for his coffee, tapping his foot. The sound, strangely, is hypnotic. All other thoughts in my head scatter as I focus on the rhythm. My heartbeat falls into the same rhythm as I sigh contentedly. Thistle stops, his coffee having arrived.

"Thank you, sweet, heavenly goddess." His flattery of the woman annoys me. He takes the coffee and the waitress almost faints but stumbles off.

The man chuckles. Frustrated, I make it start raining outside.

He glances at the rain outside, amused. "Strange weather," I hear him murmur, in a voice which caresses my ears. Amused along with him, finding myself influenced by his aura, and also keen to please him, I make it hail.

The man frowns, beginning to look around. Inside, I giggle until his eyes settle on me. I freeze and the hail stops. I find myself transfixed by his gorgeous eyes, holding the depth and intensity I had always desired in my perfect man.

The man smiles and gets up, moving over. His movement is fluid and hypnotic.

I sit there, staring, and swallow hard as he approaches. He truly is magnificent.

The man sits down, actually sits down, before me. "Is the hail your doing, beauty of the sea?"

I blush. And then wonder how he knows I love the sea. Averting my gaze, I reply "Yes," while sending a telepathic message only psychic people would be able to hear asking 'Can you read minds?'

The man chuckles. "I am not like you, ocean queen.... I only hear the desires of your heart." He leans across and strokes my cheek, making my heartbeat double. I glance up and once again become mesmerised by his eyes.

"Oh damn," I whisper,. "Then you know...." I swallowed. If he spoke the truth, I didn't need to say. Beneath his touch, I felt my cheeks burning up.

"Yes," The man says, smiling letting fire burn through my veins. "I personally like fire myself."

"I never knew that fire could conquer water," I whisper, and I know that I'm implying (more than implying, in fact) that he's conquering me.

"Only if the fire is hot enough," the man says with dark desire shinning in his eyes. The fire in my veins reaches my heart causing me to gasp but not audibly. He continues to smile with a devilish hint.

My breathing quickens.

"Can we discuss this somewhere else?" I say, incredibly conscious of the fact I'm experiencing some serious wanting in a café.

The  man chuckles. "Well, I have a few minutes to spare," he says, taking a sip of his coffee which I notice is boiling hot. Despite this, he doesn't at all flinch.

I hurriedly teleport us to a field. But Thistle has some sort of strange effect on me and we end up underneath an apple tree. I glance up and blush furiously.

"Oh, I'm so sorry," I say, almost wailing in my frustration because now he'll think something awful or wrong about me.

The man smiles, pressing me against the trunk, sending violent shivers down my spine. "Oh, this is fine."

His lips brush my shoulder, burning my skin.

Gasping in pain, I say "Tell you what's finer." But I don't finish, because I'm kissing him with a passion I didn't know I was capable of.

The man chuckles but pulls away. "Oh, you are so feisty. I wish I could stay but it seems our time has run out."

"No!" I cry out, desperate for him to remain here with me. "Please don't go." I lean in to kiss him again, and do something I've never done before in my life: conjure up images and the sensation of fire in his mind.

Somehow able to resist, he shakes his head and stands up, pulling away. "I might come back but... well, I'm a cupid and I have a job to do." He vanishes in a flash of oddly heart-warming red light.

I lie there panting until I regain control of my thoughts and emotions. And then I process what he said. He's a cupid?! I just kissed a cupid. No damn way!

Another thought strikes me as I stare at the sky and savour the awe. I don’t even know his name...

The End

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