"I'm going out" I yell, knowing the house is empty. I shake my head. I'm starting to wonder why we bother sharing a house. We never spend any time together. Although, being a cupid is hard whatever type of love you control.

It's that moment everyone jumps out on me. Anna and Joseph the cupids of Blossoming Love. Mary and Mikey the cupids of Pure Love. Leah and Samuel the cupids of Secret Crush. And finally my sister, Eri, the second cupid of Passion.

"Ah! What the hell?!?" I gasp shocked. Everyone laughs and giggles.

"It's your birthday, idiot" Mary giggles, kissing me softly and sweetly before pulling away which allows the guys to hug me and the rest of the girls to kiss my cheek. I sigh heavily.

"Why do we do this?" I ask annoyed.

"What have birthdays?" Eri asks.

"Yeah, we don't even know our ages or dates of birth it's pointless" I say shaking my head. I'd rather be out charming girls right now. Not sitting here 'pretending' to celebrate my birthday.

"Just say thank you for the presents and you can leave. I need to go anyway" Samuel says with a shake of his head.

"I thank you all for this effort you've made for me. I will see you all later hopefully" I say. I pulls Mary into his arms for a quick kiss before vanishing in a flash of heart warming, pinky-red light.

I land in the centre of a city. My hair is ruffled and I'm wearing all black with a leather jacket that I particularly like. Well, I wonder what I'll be doing today. I find myself entering a cafe and the moment the waitress sees me she stops and gasps along with every other female figure. They all see something different. They all see the perfect guy they dream of. I chuckle and sit down the waitress coming over immediately.

"Order?" she asks choking on her words with nerves. I smile and take her chin in a slight grip so I can look directly into her eyes.

"I do not care. I have already been fulfilled by the sight of your beauty" I whisper making her heart race and a shiver travel through her body.

"I-I'll fetch you a cup of coffee then" she whispers making no move to walk away. I smile and release her, my passion drowning captive. Well, boy, nothing can beat this.

The End

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