Cupid of PassionMature

Thistle is a cupid. He's the male Cupid of Passion, the other being his sister.
There are many type of cupids, these are Passion, Blossoming Love, Secret Crush and Pure Love. There are two of each and they are siblings.
Thistle one day though finds himself stuck. Having charmed two powerful sorceresses he can't seem to escape from the passion he has brought forth.

Cupids.... the messangers of love. Of course there isn't just one cupid. No, there are two for each type of love. These types are Passion, Secret Crush, Pure Love and Blossoming Love.

Many believe love is something that can come and go but it isn't. Love is forever, the moment you love someone it will last till you perish whether or not it will remain strong.

Everyone is destined to be with someone. Whether or not that relationship works out is up to the people involved.

Although for cupids this is different. They will forever give love but never be able to have it themselves. They are to remain with only the company of other cupids for the rest of eternity.

The End

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