Cruelty of Peace

Is it cruel to find peace amidst lost humanity?

Is it foolish of me, to cry for lost humanity? Where it leaves me in pain, my appetite gone, so sick and twisted that my guts clench and I vomit till my stomach empties in despair, for something so utterly out of my control and on such a grand scale. 

Is it foolish of me, to feel such immense sadness? So much so that I wish to claw out my heart to stop it from bleeding, from feeling, and then realize its irony - bleeding irony - and I start to contort with uncontrollable laughter. 

And is it foolish of me, to laugh so hard that my body begins to shake, not from mirth but from fury, a raging furnace built up from the very pit of my existence at what has been lost and why it has been lost and how it had been lost. 

And is it cruel of me, to have found peace at last, by giving up all hope, and losing the will to change?

The End

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