Matt didn’t answer to that. She looked down at her hands.  Everyone else had gone off to sleep a long time ago. The clock read2:48 am. The silence was oppressive in the dark living room.

‘I don’t know what to say’ Matt remarked after a while.

‘I didn’t expect you to have an answer.’ She smiled weakly. He nodded in an absent—minded way.

‘Tell you what’ he said after thinking for a few seconds, ‘Tomorrow, how about we go out for some sightseeing and a cup of coffee after that?’

‘What?’ she was looking shocked out of her mind.

‘Oh come on, we all make mistakes’ he shrugged, ‘I very nearly managed to drown Randy once.’

‘But…but still, I mean—’

‘If you only live in the past, how will you ever move on?’ he asked, ‘If that guy wanted to convict you, he would have done that long ago. If he doesn’t care, I don’t see why you should.’

‘Okay’ she finally managed, ‘If you put it that way…’

‘Come on’ he got up, ‘You better get some sleep. We got a long day ahead. First, we see the Empire State building and the nearby area, then Central Park, Followed by lunch at 'Nobu’s'. Then maybe window shopping at Times’ Square if you like, and then…’

She smiled to herself. Maybe this is how it felt when someone genuinely cared.                                              

The End

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