Saying too much

Shaun felt like banging his head on the wall. Within a week, Matt had extracted nearly all the information on Holly. He had become suspicious about something—god knows what—but he kept on pestering him again and again to tell him whatever he knew about Jesse, and how he even knew about them. At last, his persistence paid off, and Shaun had told him that he had been in touch with her on facebook ever since they met inBoston. Matt had kept on asking if he knew anything about her past, but he had refused to answer that and no amount if cajoling could make him change his mind. It was her decision whether she was comfortable talking about herself. Moreover, how did it concern him anyway? Even though Matt had gone off in a huff, he felt like he had given away too much.

Matt himself was very pissed off at himself. He had tried not to show that it bothered him, but had failed miserably. He didn’t care so much…did he? Oh no, he was just interested. Why was he interested? He had no answer to that question. He just wanted to know the awkward girl, he decided finally. She was weird…strange…different, probably that’s why. He knocked urgently on Holly’s door. He saw that she was talking to someone on her phone, probably one of her friends. She excused herself, and shut her phone on seeing him.

‘Yeah’ she said, ‘Hi’

‘If it’s not too weird, can you tell me about Jesse?’ Matt blurted out. She gave him a horrified look. He had caught her off guard, and she didn’t know how to react. She was having trouble choosing her words. ‘See, I know you two broke up’, he started again, ‘but I don’t understand why you’re being so secretive about it. I mean everyone goes through break ups.’

‘Oh my God’ she smiled strangely, ‘you know nothing about Jesse, do you?’

‘Well, I know that you guys dated for a long time, and that you were really attached to him…’ he said hesitantly, ‘Look, at least tell me why you’re not telling me.’

‘What kind of a condition is that, stupid? Tell me why you’re not telling me’ she kept on looking strangely at him, ‘actually; I don’t have a reason for not telling you about me. I don’t like talking about telling others about myself because…I’m very boring. Anyway, my problems are not your headache.’

He clearly saw through her subtle efforts to change the subject. ‘Seriously’ he said, ‘we’re talking about your ex—boyfriend.’

‘He’s not my boyfriend’ she said sharply, losing her cool.

‘Jeannie told me that you guys were dating.’ He replied, stumped.

‘That’s because I told her that. At least, that’s what the rumours said. How will it be if we talk of him later? Say, tonight, or some other time. You see. I really don’t wanna talk about him right now…’

The End

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