When the past catches up

 ‘So’ Shaun turned to Holly, ‘Any more news from Jesse? Ant other incidents of opening fire on himself, or—’ he stopped on seeing her signalling wildly at Matt lying on the sofa opposite them, listening to their conversation closely, apparently curious. ‘You didn’t tell him?’ Shaun asked incredulously.

‘Tell me what?’ Matt yawned.

‘How come you didn’t tell him?’ Shaun continued, ‘I told you that it was fine to tell him. Randy is—’ he stopped again when she kicked him hard on his ankle in a desperate effort to shut him up before he said too much. She got up and asked him to follow her out to the balcony. It looked like she was going to give him a piece of her mind. Matt got a bit suspicious at her secretive behaviour. He wondered what she was hiding from them. It obviously involved her ex—boyfriend, and some shooting too. He hoped that she wasn’t into any kind of legal trouble. But then again, as long as she didn’t tell him, he wasn’t supposed to know. Moreover, if he wasn’t supposed to know, he didn’t have to care…


The End

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