A cook and a fool

‘What’s for breakfast?’ Jeannie whined as she dragged herself to the kitchen with in tow.

Holly saw Matt working in the kitchen again, and smiled a bit as she remembered last night. Jeannie had come home at around seven in the evening. Later, Randy had come to their room to ask what toppings they wanted for their pizza for. Jeannie had asked him to ask Matt to make something ‘nice and yummy’ for dinner instead of ordering some pizzas, because it was Holly's first dinner. Randy had said awkwardly that Matt didn’t want to make anything ‘inedible’ again.

‘Inedible?’ Jeannie had shrieked, ‘Are you outta your mind? When did Matt ever make inedible food?’

‘He doesn’t want to cook, a’ right, so don’t bug me and just tell what you want on your pizza!’

‘Weirdo,’ Jeannie whispered after he went out, ‘He must’ve broken up with his girlfriend, or something. Anyway, just for the record, Matt is an amazing cook. He’s the world’s best cook, and he LOVES working in the kitchen.’

Strange as it may have seemed to Holly to visualise Matt busy chopping and stirring in the kitchen, it sounded true as she saw him ‘messing’ around again in the kitchen.

‘Hey’ she said softly.

‘WHAT?’ he said sharply, shocked out of his life. ‘God, don’t sneak up on me like that.’

‘What are you making?’

‘N . . . Nothing. Jus’ fiddling about again.’

‘C’mon, you can tell me. I know that you can cook’, she yawned, ‘It’s nothing to ashamed of.’

She saw a smile creep up on his face, but he didn’t say anything. She kept on looking at his hands as he skilfully sliced up some tomatoes. Jeannie emptied a bowl of cereals, poured some milk on it and handed it to Holly before doing the same for herself.

‘Where’s your clone?’ Jeannie asked, digging into her bowl.

‘Randy’s still sleeping. Wake him up, will you?’ Matt answered.

‘So, what are you making?’ Holly asked again, when Jeannie trudged out of the kitchen.

‘These are for lunch. Sandwiches.’ He said, putting it in the refrigerator, ‘Why don’t you finish your breakfast and get changed? We have to leave a little early. You have to give in your papers at the reception to Mrs. Friedman, and she will give you your timetable and everything.’

She nodded and went out. She banged into Randy outside, who was yawning and rubbing his eyes.

‘Sorry’, she said hoarsely, hurrying away.

‘Will you ask her out, or should I?’ Randy drawled, sitting on the counter.

‘Why are you desperate to ask her out? You’ve already got a girlfriend’ Matt reminded him.

‘Oh…I don’t know’ Randy smiled cryptically, ‘I just like the idea of having my girlfriend around me all the time.’

The End

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