Picking up songs and other things mundane

Holly was feeling horribly bored. Jeannie had gone out to one of her friends’ house. Matt and Randy had locked themselves inside their rooms for ours. She felt like continuing her short story on her laptop, but she too lazy to take it out and switch it on. Everyone had told her that the city worked round the clock, and there was always a shortage of time. No one had given her any tips on how to kill time on a lazy afternoon. She wondered if she should go watch something on T.V., but felt too lazy to get up. She finally settled for some songs on her mp3 player.

She loved to sing, and after a few songs, she completely forgot about everything else, and unconsciously began to hum, Matt heard her sing when he came out of his room for another bottle of water. He was busy thinking about the length of the dress that he and Randy were designing, but he recognized the song. He thought that she had an amazing voice, picking up a bottle. He began humming a song while walking back to his room. Randy looked up on hearing him.

‘You’re singing.’

‘Am I?’ Matt smiled, ‘Maybe I am.’

‘What’s wrong with you?’

‘It's nothing. I just heard Holly sing something. Anyway, she told me that Jeannie told her about our hobby of designing clothes.’

‘Damn Jeannie’ Randy cursed.

‘No, I think it’ll be okay.’

‘Weren’t you the one who was against the idea?’

‘No, I’m pretty cool about it. I talked to her in the morning, asked her not to spread it around.’

‘God, you’re as dreamy as they come,’ Randy laughed, ‘Don’t tell me that you were dreaming of Holly.’

‘No, it’s not her. Just something she was singing.’ Randy’s cell phone buzzed on the side table, and he picked it up reluctantly.

‘Randy, I just landed inParis. My flight got late inAmsterdam, and I had to cancel my clients’ first meeting.’ His mother barked on the other end of the line.

‘Mom . . . are you sure you’ve called the right person, because we don’t want to know the insider details of your clients’ multi-million business deal.’ Randy sighed.

‘Are you guys okay?’ she asked in the same disapproving tone.

‘Yeah . . . ‘okay’ is probably the word.’

‘Anyway’, she quickly got down to business due to force of habit, ‘I called up to tell you that whatever you do, do not try to mess around with Holly.’

‘What. .  What d’you mean bytrouble?’ Randy tried to laugh it off.

‘Oh you know what I mean’, his mother’s voice got sharper, ‘It includes cracking practical jokes, trying to set her up with someone, asking her out yourself, trying to be overfriendly, insulting her, lying, embarrassing her in-’

‘Whoa, whoa, Mom . . . Mom, listen. Calm down. WHEN do weever do that?’

‘Matt doesn’t. You do. Do not drag him in to share your blame. Do you rememberCharlotte?’

‘Mom, she was a stupid twelve-year-old, and that’s the end of the story. It’s not my fault that she actually believed me when I said that we were adopted, and spread it to whoever she knew.’

‘Yes’, she sighed, ‘And even if it shames me to say it, I have to admit, you really know how to lie convincingly. In addition, with Matt backing you, there’s no room left for doubt. You have a good future in law ahead.’

‘Mom, we have talked to about this a million times- we are NOT going to be taking up law as a profession.’

‘We are digressing from the topic.’ She barked again, ‘Listen to me THIS time. Do you hear me?’

‘Loud and clear’, he said, ‘just by the way, why is she off limits?’

‘She knows how to handle retards like you.’ She warned, ‘She’s very tough. She used to beat up smart-asses in her class, I remember, especially the ones who tried to insult her family. I know she can beat you up, and I do not have the time to attend to a black eye, or a broken arm when I come home—’

‘Ciao, Mum,’ Randy shut his phone before his mother could say any more.

‘What was she saying?’ Matt asked.

‘She was telling us to stay away from Holly. That she’s tough and knows how tohandleus.’ Randy scowled, ‘Yeah, right. As if I’m ever gonna believe that. According to her, every girl knows how to handle us.’

‘Well . . . Her predictions have been right so far.’ Matt shrugged, ‘Are you sure she mentioned ‘us’?’

‘OKAY! FINE! Me, not you!’ his scowl deepened.

‘Are you . . . going to listen to her?’ Matt asked, uncertain.

‘Not in a million years,’ Randy grinned, ‘never have, and never will. She’s a corporate lawyer, for God’s sake. She’s stuck in her workplace for sixteen hours a day, sometimes all night. I bet she didn’t have any fun in her life, which is why she chose THAT for a career. She’s never going to understand.’

‘You do realize that she is going to force us to take up law, don’t you?’
      ‘Yeah I know, but who cares? I mean, it’s not like we’re going to apply for job in a law firm after that—’

He stopped abruptly on hearing the knock on the door. Matt gave him the 'you-open-your-mouth-about-Mom-and-I-will-murder-you' look before Randy opened the door. Holly was standing outside, looking worried.

‘Hey, ‘sup?’ Randy asked casually.

‘Um . . . I was wondering if you could help me . . .’ she trailed off in a small voice.

‘Yeah sure’ Randy said, interested.

‘Um . . . Ah . . . It’s incredibly stupid of me . . .’ she said awkwardly, ‘I . . . uh . . . I seem to have misplaced my keys . . . so . . . could you help me break open the lock of my travel bags?’


The End

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