Holly woke up early the next morning. It felt good to talk to someone like Jeannie face-to-face after such a long time. Jeannie was still asleep on the bed next her. She put on her slippers and went out of the room. One of the twins was standing in the kitchen, humming a song while making a cheese sandwich.

‘Um . . ., which one are you?’

He yelped in surprise, and chucked the knife into the kitchen sink in one fluid movement. When he turned, she saw that he was wearing a pair of thin, rimless glasses.

‘I’m . . . I’m Matt’, He said, startled.

‘What are you making?’ she asked, peering at the counter.

‘N . . . Nothing’ he stammered, ‘I was just’ messing about.’

‘Oh’, she sounded disappointed, ‘I thought you were making breakfast.’

‘You were?’ he cocked an eyebrow, ‘Well, help yourself if you want some.’

She surveyed him from top to bottom critically. He was wearing a pair of dark blue sweats and an old, faded cream-colored T-shirt. His messed up hair indicated that he had just woken up, but the dark under-eye circles hinted that he hadn’t had a wink of sleep last night.

‘Didn’t sleep?’ she asked, peering into the refrigerator.

‘Not much’ he yawned, trying to cut the sandwich straight.

She poured herself a glass of orange juice, and sat on the counter, sipping.

‘If you need help with studies or something, just ask.’ he said, going towards his room.

‘I will’ she grinned suddenly. He was shortly stunned, but regained his composure almost immediately. ‘Right’, he smiled in answer.

‘And yeah, Jeannie told me that you both are crazy about fashion designing’, she added.



The End

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