Chasing butterflies

     Matt finished his English assignment before Randy, and came out of the room. Holly was fiddling about in the kitchen, probably searching for something to eat. She turned on hearing his footsteps.

‘Oh, hi’, she said, ‘Which one are you?’

‘Why don’t you look into my eyes and guess?’

‘Are you for real?’ she smiled a bit at that.

‘No, really, I’m serious’, he said, ‘Our eye colours are . . . kind of . . . the only things that differ. Randy’s are completely blue, and mine are blue-green.’

‘Cyan, huh? Are you asking me to peer into your eyes each time I want to talk to either of you?’

‘Yeah. Kind of. . .’ he trailed off apologetically.

‘Tell me about you guys.’ She asked suddenly interested.

‘What do you mean?’

‘You know, you must’ve had a past.’

He leaned back on the counter and started. He told her about the boarding school inFrance, where Randy and he were enrolled in ever since they were nine years old. They had spent over seven years there, and had returned to theU.S.early last year. They had been famous for practical jokes since as long as he could remember. Fooling teachers because of their similar messy handwritings was just one of the many things for which they were famous.

Once, last year, He had torn his ligament in his right leg, and ever since then, he refrained from playing any sports, specially soccer and basketball. He still wanted to play though, and occasionally, he joined in for a friendly game, but he never tried out for the team. The doctor said that he could play, but he didn’t want to risk another tear—it was too painful and bothersome.

‘Then how d’you have this great body?’ she giggled at the end of it.

‘Oh, you noticed’, he laughed, ‘blame it on good metabolism, because I eat a lot of junk.’

‘You have too many good things for your good’

‘That doesn’t make any sense.’ He gave her a puzzled look.

‘I mean, you have . . . everything people dream of having. It’s as if . . . you have too much. Life’s too good to be true.’

‘Why, your boyfriend needed some?’

‘Jeannie told you about Jesse, didn’t she?’ she asked. He nodded, picking up a bottle of water.

‘Going strong?’ he asked.

‘No, actually. We broke up months ago.’

‘Right’, he screwed on the cap of the bottle after taking a sip, ‘I should get going.’

He hurried to his room, excited, and shut the door behind him. Randy was still doing his assignment. Matt knew that he would be glad to know that Holly was single—he had seen how dejected Randy had been after Jeannie had told them that she wasn’t single.

‘Hey’, Matt said.

‘I’m listening.’

‘Listen to me.’

‘I’m listening.’

‘I got news on Holly, first person.’

‘I’m listening’, Randy shut his book, exasperated.

‘She broke up with her boyfriend months ago.’

‘ARE. YOU. SERIOUS?’ Randy face lighted up.

‘Of course I am’, Matt said, ‘I just asked her.’

‘Okay, cool.’ Randy said, reopening his notebook and picking up his pen, ‘Let’s get started tomorrow. Don’t tell me you’re not free- tomorrow’s Sunday. And don’t you dare try to side with her when I'm trying so hard to be friendly!’

‘Depends on what you want to start on tomorrow?’ Matt smiled.

‘Well . . .’ Randy said, ‘How about hitting on her and designing that new black dress. We’ll have enough time. It won’t be so hard. I mean, after all, she’s single . . .’

The End

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