Not an ideal family

Holly felt slightly apprehensive as she walked out of theNew Yorkairport. She hailed a cab, and gave him the Callahans’ address. She did not feel so right about coming all the way fromBostonnow. Her parents’ decision to go globetrotting for eight months for their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary had completely shocked her. Though she was the one who had originally suggested it, she had not expected her parents to approve of the idea.

Her father, Richard Monaghan, was an overworked corporate lawyer who didn’t have time to budge from his desk. Her mother, Sarah, was a patient of depression, and rarely ever went out of the house. Her older sister Susannah took care of her until she got married a couple of years ago, and shifted toCalgary,Canada. Ever since then, Holly had been managing the house. No one exactly knew what had happened to her half-brother, because after going toEnglandfor studying, he had never once contacted his family. The basic plan was that Holly would stay with the Callahans for a few weeks until Suze and Jason moved New York City- Jason’s impending transfer had prevented her from moving toCalgarystraightaway.

She sighed heavily as she looked out of the cab window. She was still surprised that Mrs. Callahan had so readily accepted her request to stay at their house. She wondered if Jeannie had pestered her to agree. Because of that, here she was forced to move into a city she had never been to in her entire life.

‘Goddammit, why me?’ she cursed in her mind.


The End

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