this is not about criminals, though the title is criminal. It is more about how all of us have straks of criminals in us, though they don't seem important.

             He was on an adventure

            He was on an adventure with a mouse on his back.

           He was on an adventure with a mouse on his back and a carrot dangling –


Eighteen–year-old Matt Callahan jumped out of his bed as if someone had just electrocuted him with a hundred-watt live wire, hastily shutting his notebook in the process.

‘You’re writing again’, His twin brother Randy stated, eyeing his notebook critically, ‘What is it about this time? Is it about cats that fall in love with dogs?’

‘Nah, I was just getting bored outta my mind’, Matt grinned suddenly, ‘And my last story was about two fireflies, not cats and dogs’

‘God, I can’t imagine how you didn’t end up being in a mental asylum with anextraordinaryimagination like that’, Randy said, ‘Anyway, you have to clean the hall, and I have to clean up this pig sty. That girl Mom was talking about, she’s landing up today’

‘So soon? Mom’s going off in an hour, and we’re gonna be stuck here with a stranger.’

‘Apparently Jeannie knows her.’

‘Okay’ Matt sighed, ‘If Jeannie knows her, she has to be a wacko’

As the two brothers stood near the window, it was nearly impossible to distinguish between the two. Both were about six feet tall, dark-haired, aquiline-nosed. The only difference was that Randy had deep, indigo-blue eyes whereas Matt’s eyes were sea green. Matt also wore a pair of ultra-thin rimless reading glasses, which infinitely added to the ‘hot’ factor, but the sad part was that he used contact lenses outside his house, so no one in school knew about his glasses. The both of them were good in studies. Randy was amazing at sports too, and was a member of the school basketball team, whereas Matt refrained from any physical sport that involved using his legs. He was more interested in cooking and experimenting in the kitchen. Moreover, the both of them were obsessed about fashion designing.

‘Mom had said that girl had got admission at our school’, Randy said after sometime.

‘You ain’t telling her anything about me being interested in cooking’, Matt said, ‘Or the fashion designing. She’s going to think that we both are a pair of lunatics.’

‘A pair ofextremely hotlunatics, you mean’, Randy chuckled.

‘I don’t want her to go tell everyone in school’

‘Take a chill pill, big bro, you’re too tensed. Are you worried about meeting that new chick?’

‘You’re going to hit at that girl’, Matt stated, immediately recognising his tone.

‘Course I am. Its fun’, Randy said, ‘Or maybe I’ll leave her for you,’


The End

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