"Uh, I would...love to, but...I can't."

The witch's face pulled into a scowl.

"Why not?"

Roy flashed his left hand, and something could be seen glinting on his finger.

"Married. But I'm sure Bert'll take my place. He's single."

Marianne and the rookie stared at each other with mutual disgust.

"No!" they both yelled simultaneously, "Ew!"

"Bert," Roy started in a somewhat stern tone, "You remember what you swore to do when you joined the force? You're supposed to protect people, and if it means taking an old hag- lady, sorry- on a date are you really going to let a life lie on your hands?"

Bert looked to be thinking a moment, thinking extremely hard.

"You know what, Roy? I'm going to-"

Right then there was the sound of a massive crash and the trio looked up in shock to see a cloud of dust settling on the remnants of the door.

"If it ain't the boys in blue." A bored contralto voice noted, "My heroes."

Standing there, leaning against the doorway, was a young woman: 5'3, well-built, with honey blonde hair shaved down to a pixie cut.

She was dressed completely in black leather, and procured a cigarette out of thin air to smoke in her half-gloved fingers. 

"If you're wondering, I'm Zel." she offered, "But what I'm wondering is how you got here so quickly."

"In a cruiser," Bert offered, deaf to her sarcasm, "It has great mileage."

Roy stifled the urge to hit the rookie upside the head, but his thoughts were interrupted by the sound of an inhuman roar.

Zel pulled two twin swords from her back, sighing.

"Twice in the same week, huh? I should get paid overtime for this." 

The End

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