How RudeMature

“And what do you intend to have us wait for, if I may ask,” Bert questioned, “Hopefully it’s not your cooperation because I really had my heart set on using you as a ram to break down the wall, you know.”

“Hmph. I suppose nowadays they recruit anyone with a head on their shoulders for the police force, huh?” Marianne looks at Bert’s face intently for a moment before scoffing and adding, “And I suppose it doesn’t even have to be a good head either.”

Bert lets go of the woman’s ankles and rolls up his sleeves in the most dramatic way possible. “Why I oughta-“

Roy pinches Bert hard on his forearm. “Cut it out. I know you’re fairly new to the job, but that doesn’t give you the right to act in an unprofessional manner, no matter what you’re employed as. Do you understand me?”

“B-b-but she provoked me! Did you hear her? She said I don’t have a good head,” Bert whined.

“I mean can you blame me,” Marianne taunted, “God. When I look at your face, I can’t help but wonder if anyone else was hurt in the accident. You know, I may not be as attractive as Cinderella, but at least I can blame it on old age. What’s your excuse?”

“I can’t do this,” Bert says as he stands and brushes his pants off. “I can’t handle your ignorance and your rude comments. Roy, look. I tried, but I think I’m gonna have to sit this one out. This woman cannot be reasoned with.”

“Your chicken-faced friend over here could take a page or two from your book, officer,” Marianne says to Roy as he pins her down tighter, careful as to not let her have any chance of escaping.

“And what pages would those be,” Roy asks, obviously curious.

“On how to keep up an attractive appearance.” Marianne winks before she growls, failing at trying to mimic the roused sound of a feline animal.

“Ahem, well. I’m flattered Miss, but really, if you’d be so kind as to release Zel into our custody so that we may be on our way, I’d be so very grateful,” Roy said, trying to hold back his disgust.

“Oh, of course,” Marianne says, “would you mind being a dear by getting off of me so that I may stand up, now that we are acting more like civil people?”

“Yeah, sure thing,” Roy says as he pushes himself off of her and moves to the doorway, blocking her only escape if she so chooses to try to pull a fast one.

The old lady begins to speak some enchanted words from memory. The tower shook ever so slightly and a breeze conjured itself out of nowhere, making the room uncomfortably chilly. 

“Oh,” she says breaking the spell, “I’ll finish breaking Zel free, only if you take me out tonight. She has a limited air supply in there, so you may want to answer sooner than later...”

The End

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