Where is Zel?Mature

Bert coughed heavily and noticed the flies buzzing around the room seemed to be doing the same. He looked to Roy who just shook his head disapprovingly.

“Ahem, ma’am, we are in search for a mistress by the name of,” Bert stopped and unfolded a small piece of paper from his pocket, “Rapunzel Esmeralda Jessica Adams. It says she might go by the name of Zel Adams. It also says she is five foot three, rather slender and curvaceous, and owns long, blonde hair. Do you know where we can find her?”

The old woman stood and scoffed. “I am her-”

“Impossible! You’ve got to be kidding me!” Bert says, chuckling. Roy pushes the rookie aside and steps in, “Ma’am, this is no time for jokes. I take this job very seriously, and I don’t have time to fool around. Now I’ll ask you once more… Where is the real, Rapunzel?”

“You are a very rude, young man!” The woman says angrily, pointing to Bert. “Nothing is funny, so there is no need to laugh. I didn’t finish my sentence.  What I was going to say was… I am her caretaker, Marianne. Rapunzel isn’t here right now, but she should be here soon. She went for a walk.”

“I have two quick questions: First off, why is Rapunzel on a walk? Isn’t she supposed to be trapped in the tower or something? And second,” Bert points to the long trail of hair coming from a machine, “um… what IS that?”

“Oh,” Marianne exclaims, “come, let me show you. This machine right here? This is a machine that I built to hold all of Rapunzel’s hair. You see, I gave Rapunzel freedom in exchange for all of this magical hair! Isn’t it just lovely? I’ve made a fortune from it!”

 There was a loud bang from inside the wall behind them. The old woman smiled at the officers nervously.

"Where exactly did you say Rapunzel was again?" Roy asks, watching the woman carefully.

"Um... on a walk?"

The End

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