Follicle FolliesMature

As the over-sized lice began to engulf the two lawmen, Roy had the sudden realization that in spite of all he had seen during his time on the force, he still had not yet seen it all. However, Roy's moment of epiphany was cut short as another realization took hold; in his panic, Bert had released the rope of hair and was quickly plummeting toward what could only be described a split end to his career. 

Roy managed to grab Bert by the wrist as he fell past, but the weight of the young rookie's fall quickly broke Roy's grip of the unlikely lifeline. As the ground rapidly started to become much closer than the window the two men had been climbing towards they were both certain this was bound to be their final call. 

 Then, as stories of this nature tend to go, something amazing happened at the last possible moment. The hair hanging from the window suddenly seemed to take on a life of it's own. The lice-filled locks wrapped tightly around the two officers and they quickly ascended into the tower window. 

The hair then abruptly dropped the two onto the floor of the tower. While struggling to get on his feet, Bert attempted to speak while still gasping for air "Now, that's what I call a hairy situ-"

"Don't!" Roy interrupted, visibly annoyed "Just don't..."

The two looked around the room, taking a quick mental inventory. There was a fireplace crackling in the corner, some meager furniture including a small dinette set, a wooden bed, and a dust-riddled bookshelf. Then, of course, there was a woman standing before them. A short, stocky woman that appeared to be in her mid-fifties and did not seem to have any particular affinity for personal hygiene. 

This was no Rapunzel.

The End

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