The towerMature

After a seat-gripping journey, Bert stumbled out of the car and dropped to his knees. 

"Man," he said to Roy, "Did we seriously just drive down that road?"

"No, I drove'" came the reply. "You just grabbed the side of your seat and kept crying for help."

Bert got up," This the place?"

He was pointing to a tower rising upward like an enormous pillar. There were no doors. Just one window carved into the wall about fifty feet from the ground.

Roy walked forward. "I know this place. It was used in the last century as a sort of prison for the upperclassmen. The would be confined to this prison and yet have a view of the city." 

"Well, someone called from here. Prank call probably. There's no way anyone could have gotten up there and-

"Help!" Came  a cry.

Roy looked up, " It's coming from the tower," he said grimly.

Bert looked flustered,"How on earth are we going to get up there?"

As if on cue, a long golden rope came tumbling down from the window.

Bert rushed towards and grabbed hold of the rope. Roy shook his head,Always ready to be a hero. 

A look of confusion had spread over Bert's face. "Check this out, man."

Roy walked towards him. Not a rope. It was a braid

The End

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