Meteor HollowMature

Bert looked over at Roy just in time to see Roy's face take on a worried look that was there and gone in seconds.

"Not Easy? Why, what's up Roy?"

"Nothing. We get a lot of calls from Smithfield, that's all. Some are real emergencies, but some are just ... wierd."

"Wierd how?"

"It's hard to explain. You'd have to get caught in the middle of one of them before you'd understand. There's something about Smithfield that you wouldn't know because you were transferred here from the  main Police Academy 200 miles away. Smithfield's reputation doesn't reach that far."

"What reputation?"

"A reputation of things happening that probably shouldn't happen on this earth. Back in the 1950's, a meteor came screaming through the night and buried itself in the desert, right where Smithfield is now. Within the year that hard scrabble piece of packed sand had become a lush green target for hungry land developers. It was officially named Smithfield after the first company to put up affordable homes in what was considered to be the suburbs of the city, since it was only ten minutes away. Anyway, It was always locally called Meteor Hollow, because  the land was just a tad off of flat. It dipped a bit sometimes, but not others."

Bert gave Roy a surprised frown. "How could it dip, but not dip?"

"Well, you could be driving down the perfectly flat main road toward an address, then all of a sudden you're down in a deep gully that wasn't there five minutes before. You'd drive out and look behind you, then the gully would be gone."

"That sounds creepy."

"You don't know the half of it, son," Roy said with a grim look on his face as he drove into Meteor Hollow, just as the main street began to dip.

The End

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